Stop His Neglect in 3 Steps


 Stop His Neglect in 3 Steps
He didn't show up? He forgot to call? Honey, there's no time to waste! Take these 3 steps, pronto!

Do you ever feel like NO relationship will EVER work? At least not the way you'd like it to - easy, simple, loving, adventurous, fun, passionate and sexy?

I woke up this morning thinking of a woman who recently wrote me and felt I needed to share a story with you...


One of my Magnetic Woman tribe members, Kysleen (from the Canada) recently asked, "Rhonda, I would love to bring back this guy's attention to me to the same level. He used to be interested. How could I appear more available to him?"

So many women (and men) have had this happen... Maybe you have?

Maybe it started out great, he asked to see you consistently, he phoned every day, texted you several times a day... Then it all faded away and you're left wondering WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!

Maybe he forgot to call? Perhaps he showed up late (or not at all) and didn't even apologize? Maybe he missed your birthday (okay, I can look the other way on this one...ONCE)? The times he asked you get fewer and fewer.

He may even seem to only be "available" for the 2 AM booty call. And somehow manages to have "things to do" afterwards. So the next morning you're eating those fluffy pancakes all by yourself, wondering...

Are a little bit of love, affection and attention too much to expect?

Just ONE of these cruel, callous things happening to you is gut-wrenching - let alone several of them!

In the past, I've had this happen to me more than I care to admit. I felt helpless.
Powerless. I tried to DO more and BE more...of the woman I thought he wanted. I was so painful.

The pattern repeated, repeated...and repeated, for YEARS!

Until one day, I discovered I was not unlovable, I was not unlucky. There was no greater power "controlling" my love life. It was me. I actually had CHOICES. I could choose a different outcome.

It's impossible for me to describe the long journey from there to here, where I am now. With an amazing man and juicy love life. This post would be the length of several romance novels.

Instead, I have decided to share 3 practical, simple steps to take back your control of your love life today. What I'm about to tell you to do is counterintuitive to what Kysleen (and you) have likely been doing.

Appearing MORE available to him actually REPELS him! You want to be LESS available. This isn't about playing games. It's about relationship dynamics. There is such a thing as male and female energies.. yin and yang. It's like a dance. A balance.

Often when we like a man, we make ourselves too available, too soon. Usually before a man has committed himself to us emotionally. Don't confuse sex with a man's emotional commitment.

Sex will NOT inspire a man to stay long-term. How he FEELS ABOUT YOU will! But that's another story. For now here are...

3 Action Steps To Regain Power Over Your Love Life Today

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Rhonda Cort


Today, you can stop doing what 95% of the women are doing... Stop trying to understand men, stop memorizing dating rules and...

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