If You Don't Like His Answers To These 3 Qs, KICK Him To The Curb!

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Cut to the chase and save yourself some heartache.

I was tired of dating a new man, wasting weeks and even months trying to figure him out. I knew the qualities I wanted in a man. More importantly, I knew the traits and behaviors that I positively, absolutely refused to tolerate in a relationship.

Sitting in front of a man on a first date, I wanted to know these important things: Does he have the qualities I’m looking for in a man? Is he concealing a girlfriend or a wife? Do his lifestyle and aspirations match mine?

I came up with three good questions to ask a guy that will help you to quickly evaluate any man — and although they are not foolproof (they may or may not not adequately expose a skillful, conning romance artist) these questions can help you decide whether a man is worthy of your time and effort.

I asked my future husband these three questions on our first date. He was a little taken back at first by my directness, but he answered them with such sincerity that I decided he was worth a second date. I married him a year and a half later.

So here they are, the three good questions to ask a guy during your first date:

No. 1: When was your last relationship?

This opens the door to: Are you currently dating anyone? You want to know if he recently broke up with a girlfriend (or if he is separated from his wife) because (a) he may still be in love with her, making him emotionally unavailable to you, and (b) he might suddenly decide to get back together with her leaving you with a broken heart.

The second part of this question is: Why did he breakup with his girlfriend (or why did he get a divorce?) Listen carefully to what he says. If he totally blames his ex-girlfriend/wife for the problems in that relationship — get ready for a bumpy ride. 

No. 2: What qualities are you looking for in a partner?

Pay attention to what a man says, because he will often mirror his own qualities. If he says loyalty is important to him in a partner — most likely he will be a loyal, committed partner. This question can also expose his negative traits, e.g.; if he says he won’t do drama, he was most likely a part of the problem. Many a man has blamed his infidelity on his wife, claiming she denied him sex — when in truth he neglected or mistreated his wife and she, in turn, became withdrawn, resentful and non-responsive.

No. 3: What do you see yourself doing in five years?

This question can reveal a layer of truths. If he says he wants to travel extensively, ask where? Is he talking about flying to Europe or selling his home and living full-time in a motorhome? Will a home-on-wheels match your lifestyle expectations?

If he says his grandchildren are the most important part of his life, are you willing to share him? If he says frequent golf trips with his buddies are a big part of his life, can you be happy at home while he parties down in Pebble Beach?

TIP: Listen to what a man says. Watch closer what a man does.

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