The 1 Quality Every Man Wants In A Woman

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Want to know the real way to make him want you?

Have you ever wondered how to make him want you, but been baffled by the flood of "tricks" to use? Ever wondered if a guy could actually be attracted to you and want you for you? I'm going to tell you exactly how to get your man.

In this article, I'm talking to a specific woman: the woman who wants a man who values her. This type of woman wants to know how to make her man want her not with manipulation or some sort of psychological bribery, but how to make him want who she truly is.

This is easier than the endless lists of manipulative tactics you can read in any issue of most women's magazines. And, you'll find that the quality of guy you attract is way higher.

There are only 2 steps, and they are the most natural steps in the world. In fact, if your thinking was never corrupted by all that terrible advice that made you believe that men have to be roped in, caught like a fish or kept like a prisoner, you'd likely be much farther along than you are now.

There is one prerequisite, however. And that is you have to know that you are worthy of the man you want, not feel it. Feelings can be fickle and change. You also shouldn't just think it because that often acts as a way to avoid a direct answer. You have to know it.

How do you know?

You know whether you are worthy of the man you want based on whether you are living true to your values. If you think you should wait for 3 dates before having sex with a guy, but end up having sex with him on the first night, that is not living according to your values.

If you think a man should pay for dinner, but end up splitting the check because "that's what people do nowadays," you are not living according to your values. If you think a guy asking you out via text message is lame and unattractive, but send him a text saying "yes," you are not living according to your values.

Does it seem petty to bring up these examples? It's because all our relationships start with the little things and build upon them. If in the beginning of the relationship the foundation is cracked, the rest will surely tumble in time.

That's what makes most women so nervous and gives them this almost neurotic need to "be perfect". It is only the woman who has compromised from the beginning who fears that the relationship is going to tumble. However, the woman who has been true to herself and her values from the beginning has no fear.

And what's more, the woman who does not compromise attracts the more attractive, more noble and more respectable men because men want women who are their equals in value. A scoundrel will date a woman with lesser values because his own values are in the gutter. Likewise, he will treat her with less respect.

But a man of value, a man who values himself and (by extension) the women he dates, wants a woman who does not compromise. These are the men who are ready for commitment, the men who want to pursue you with reckless abandon, to desire you with all their might, to create romantic dates you'll remember until your dying day, and then get down on one knee and ask you to be his wife.

Now that you know the prerequisite, let me tell you the 2 simple steps on how to make him want you:

Step 1: Start with expectations. Your expectations should be as high as you expect to be treated. Never compromise them.

Step 2: When a man violates these expectations, as many likely will, tell him. Honestly, courageously and unapologetically.

A man of value wants a woman who will challenge him and respect him enough to tell him when he's gotten off track.

And he will repay you by loving you, appreciating you, telling you how much you mean to him and being faithful. When you are satisfying his deepest desires, he will do whatever he can to satisfy yours.

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