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Have you ever felt so in love, so sure that the person you were with was THE ONE that it felt like a cosmic connection? 

If you have, you know first hand how life is brighter, more vibrant and how everything is better. You can take on the world; life is as it was supposed to be. 

But when that love is lost, it can be so devastating that you don't even know where to start. Don't worry. No matter how you feel right now, no matter how hopeless, lost, alone, or isolated, you can bring that spark back like the embers of a summer bonfire. 

After going thorugh that myself, I studied like a madman to get a virtual PhD in relationship and breakup psychology. You might be surprised to know that your relationship can be saved from the smoking wreckage with just 3 simple steps. 

Yes, your situation is unique. And even so, it can be fixed with these three simple steps. Yes, your ex might not even talk to you, yes, your ex might be so mad they could spit and yes your ex might even hate you right now. 

Even so, your relationship can be brought back to life with these three simple steps. And like water turns to steam, all their boiling water of anger, bitterness, even hatred evaporates and transforms into the steam of forgiveness, desire, and steamy passion again.

And you can have the happy ever after you've always wanted.

You just need to know the steps to take. 

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

I was never supposed to be writing this blog at all...

In a former life, I was a laborer; a guy who worked with his hands for a living. I had proposed to the love of my life at the top of the Empire State Building in NYC, we were married and expecting our first baby, a boy. We were happy, and were living out the fairy tale we had been carried away by the first time we met, years before.

But on the day before our first anniversary, she and our unborn baby were killed in a car accident.

At her funeral, I vowed to have a wall in my house wallpapered with 1000 Thank You's from people whose lives I'd been able to impact. Because the brevity of life had became a reality. And I realized the most important thing in life is to be an ingredient in other people's happiness.

Afterwards, I forgot that vow and lived like a reckless wanderer. But in the back of my mind, the vision of that wall kept beckoning me.

And so I began.

To open people's eyes to see what is right in front of them. And the beauty, satisfaction and feeling of being truly alive they can create with courage and a little bit of course correction...Since then, I've been helping people around the world to wake up and create the relationships they've always imagined.

I'd like to help you do the same.

Michael Griswold

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