Are You Being Scammed?


Are You Being Scammed?
Read this article to learn the top 3 signs the man you're falling for is an online scam artist

He's perfect. Everything he says and does is showing you that you have finally found the man you have been looking for.

From the minute he first contacted you, he has made you feel like the most special woman in the world. He's told you things that you always wanted to hear. He's even sent you flowers. You're loving every minute of it. You've never been happier and you've  never connected so quickly with such a great guy.


But unfortunately, this guy is a scam artist who's going to break your heart.

How do I know this, because over the last several weeks I've had several women contact me and share the same story.

Fortunately, I was able to recognize the red flags and alert these women before any major damage was done. However, I noticed a pattern among some of these women and this pattern concerned me enough to write this article for you.

So what did I observe? 

I noticed that some women are so desperate for love that they fall hook, line and sinker for the bait that these scammers are putting out. And this is what pisses me off! These scammers are taking advantage of good women who simply want to be with a man who they can love and who will love them in return.

This is exactly what the scammers look for.

They know that because some women are so desperate for a good man and a fulilling relationship that they will say or do almost anything to have it.

In fact, one of the women I contacted me revealed a story that was so far out there that it immediately revealed she was being scammed. But no matter how much I tried to convince her she didn't want to hear it. She came up with every reason and every excuse as to why I was wrong. And the evidence she came up with was very convincing... to herself.

She told me about all the things this guy would tell her, how they had so much in common and how from the very beginning they had this deep level of connection....all of which was deliberately set up by the scammer.

But then a few weeks later she finally realized that the man of her dreams was nothing more than a two bit, lowlife, scumbag scam artist.

The good news is that this woman was able to walk away, only investing a few weeks of her time and her emotions. She did not lose any money (I spoke to one woman who lost over $30K to a scam artist) and she wasn't being implicated in any of the illegal activities that many of these scam artists use their prey for.

But unfortunately, the distrust. She had for men and the dislike she had for online dating got reinforced by this experience. And who can blame her?

Because I have seen an increase in these instances, I have decided to research these scams and I ultimately learned that there are 3 major signs, which reveal that the guy you're dating is a scam artist.

1) Money - these scam artists are very good at painting an elaborate and intricate picture which tugs at the heartstrings of their victims. These scammers know exactly what buttons to push on their victims so that they will open up their hearts and their wallets.

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