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The Only 2 Things To Look For On A First Date


When sparks fly here's what to look for. The 1-2 of a great first date.

The excitement and anticipation of a first date can be nerve racking. It's hard to know what to look for on a first date however the foundation of any great relationship has only two key ingredients. Do you want to know what they are? Me too... Actually I know what they are and I'm about to tell you but first consider this.

When you meet someone anywhere in any walk of life you are already on a first date. Actually when done right the first date is more of a continuation then a beginning. With that in mind when you meet someone by chance take your time. If you take your time you will begin to notice if you have chemistry and even more importantly you will see if you have the first key ingredient. Read A life Of Love.

The first key ingredient is. A relationship is a conversation that doesn't end... People who have natural chemistry can talk for hours. You will notice 3 things. One you have each others full attention. Two your body movements will begin to sync up. Three it feels good, which naturally leads to a first date and also to the second of the only two key ingredients of what to look for on a first date.

The second key ingredient is. A relationship is a series of kept agreements... Watch Chemistry To Commitment. The reason the first date is important is the agreements it takes leading up to it. Does he call when he says he's going to call? Does he have a plan? Does he show up on time? These are the things to look for on a first date. Men make 7 agreements when they commit. Watch Chemistry To Commitment.

The reason my wife and I are still together after 5 years is quite simple. We make and keep our agreements... It started before the first date from the moment we met. After that it's simple because the best thing to look for on a first date is a conversation that doesn't end. Read A Life Of Love.

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