No Matter What Do Not Contact Him First!


No Matter What Do Not Contact Him First!
When you first meet a guy do not contact him first! Let him contact you!

You are out with your friends and you meet a guy and of course you give him your phone number and he gives you his. Now, with this day and age of texting, LinkedIn, and Facebook it is hard to imagine a guy taking more than a day to contact you, but be patient! Do not under any circumstances contact him FIRST! Men like to have the upper hand no matter what the relationship books tells you on how it's ok for women to contact men don't do it! 
Men have to have the chase, if you contact him first the chase ends for them, so by not giving them that little "game" you are ending your chance with that guy. Now I am not saying every guy is like this, but the majority of men are. When women approach men first they seem to eager or dare I say desperate. So allow him to contact you! Even if it takes him 3-5 days to send you that text or that phone call. 
My friend who recently met a guy contacted him first and now she has not heard from him since, this was three weeks ago. She has constantly contacted the men first and I have told her to stop and she says I should be able to contact them if I have their number. Which yes is true, but because this is proven how men "court" women then no you can not contact them first if you are wanting more than just a friendship with them or if you want silence!
My other friend tried this method and now has a date with the guy she met last weekend. Of course we won't know if they are a match, but at least she got past the first phone call stage, unlike my other friend who never gets past that because she is too eager to get to the boyfriend/girlfriend stage. Which I have to say men can see! Don't think men can't tell that you are craving a boyfriend! So try to act calm, cool, and collected because if you don't men can see this and will shy away from you! We all want a happily ever after, but don't you want that with Mr. Right instead of Mr. Anybody that walks by?

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