What He Wants MOST In A Woman, Based On His Venus Sign

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Are you what he's looking for?

Admit it: when you first meet a guy you want to know everything about them. However, it can be tricky because you don’t want to completely cyberstalk them; that would be too creepy and you can’t do an informal "question and answer" with his friends and family.

And you know if you ask him too many questions too soon, you’ll scare him away. No one wants to be thought of as obsessive, especially after the first date.


You can try to analyze every body movement and every word said, but you also know there’s a lot of information from what he doesn’t say.

As you’re frantically trying to determine if you have any chemistry, if you seem compatible, or even if he’s open to being in a relationship, you may miss all kinds of other important information such as does he learn from is mistakes, is he a good sport, and/or does he have pets?

As always, astrology is a good place to start when you’re trying to find out if someone might good relationship material for you. If you want to know how he acts in a relationship and how important love is to him, you need to look at his Love sign, aka his Venus sign.


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You’re probably familiar with Venus, the goddess of love, and that’s where the planet Venus got its name. Venus is the symbol of the qualities of love, romance, sensuality, art, beauty, touch, and desirability.


Before you read ahead, here's how to find your guy's Venus sign.


You’ll need to know the date and time of his birth and the place where he was born. You can either ask him directly or come up with another brilliant way of finding out. Once you have that information, you can find out his astrological birth chart which will include his Venus sign.


The Venus sign is the sign that Venus was in at the time of your birth. Sometimes the Venus sign is the same as the person’s Sun sign, but not always. The Venus sign is never more than two signs away from the Sun sign. So, if someone is an Aquarius, their Venus sign couldn’t be in Scorpio.

OK, now that you know his Venus sign, what does it say about what men want from women? Specifically, what he wants in a partner?

Venus sign in ARIES
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If his Venus sign is in Aries, he's attracted to someone who challenges him, who speaks their mind and keeps him on his toes. He doesn't want someone who'll let him win the race — he wants someone who not only wins but is a little obnoxious about winning. He wants someone who can banter with the best of them, is smart, and who doesn't hold back on her opinion. She's independent, assertive and confrontational, and she won't make it easy for him, which is exactly what he likes.


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Venus sign in TAURUS
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If his Venus sign is in Taurus, he wants a woman who can't keep her hands off him. She'll be very sensual and tactile. She's very feminine without being too high-maintenance. She's caring, loving and kind to everyone. She has her own opinions but can admit when she's wrong and is someone who gets her way without being aggressively confrontational. She's somewhat old-fashioned and would definitely make love and family higher priorities than having a career.


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Venus sign in GEMINI
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If his Venus sign is in Gemini, he's attracted to someone who is whip-smart. He gets turned on by a woman who is not only intelligent but is a creative thinker. He wants someone who makes him sit up and pay attention. This woman is a fascinating conversationalist but always holds something back — she's a mystery he'll need a lifetime to solve.


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Venus sign in CANCER
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If his Venus sign is in Cancer, he can't resist a woman who is sensitive and empathetic. The more caring and compassionate she is, the better. He's not afraid of emotion and he doesn't want a woman who isn't comfortable with her own feelings. It's not a problem if she's needy or clingy; in fact, that makes him feel strong and complete. Since the relationship should be a two-way effort, he wants someone who shows the same care to him that he shows to her.


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Venus sign in LEO
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If his Venus sign is in Leo, he's going to be attracted to someone physically beautiful or popular. She should be on point with everything from her hair to her pedicure. The flashier and more confident woman, the better. She shouldn't be someone content to be on the sidelines, she needs to feel at home out front and in the center of everything.


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Venus sign in VIRGO
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If his Venus sign is in Virgo, he's attracted to someone immaculately groomed but in a simple way. He's not big into flashy, or brassy women — less is more as far as makeup goes. He's just as much attracted to who someone is on the inside and the way their mind works as he is to how she looks. He wants a woman who impresses him with her mind, talents, and skills. If she's well-read and kind of a know-it-all, then he'll be instantly smitten.


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Venus sign in LIBRA
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If his Venus sign is in Libra then he's attracted to women who are romantic, artsy and feminine. Think Stevie Nicks when she was in her twenties. He'll be intrigued by a woman who's girly but has a huge knowledge of all things cultural and artistic with a special interest in things like literature, foreign films, and the arts. He likes a woman who is charming and has grace, and he most definitely doesn't go for a crude or crass woman.


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Venus sign in SCORPIO
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If his Venus sign is in Scorpio then he's attracted to a dangerous woman, a real femme fatale. He wants to become enthralled by her intense sexuality and palpable sexual energy. He's intrigued by a woman who is complicated and intense. He wants someone who won't be afraid of his passion and erotic sensibilities and who can give as good as she gets. If it sounds like characters from a romance novel, that's not far off, for he's looking for someone that he can have sizzling sexual chemistry with.


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Venus sign in SAGITTARIUS
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If his Venus sign is in Sagittarius he's attracted to a spontaneous and adventurous woman. She should be the kind of woman who will be up for a trip at a moment's notice. She should have a fantastic sense of humor and the ability to see the fun in almost every situation. This isn't to say that he's interested in someone without depth for that isn't the case. She should have an intellectual curiosity, a lifelong learner, and someone who has a very optimistic spirit.


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Venus sign in CAPRICORN
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If his Venus sign is in Capricorn, he's attracted to powerful women. If she's in a position of power over him, that's not a problem at all nor is an age difference (with her being older than he). He's turned on by someone who's ambitious, hard-working, and career-focused. If she wants to conquer the world, he's down with that. He likes women who are strong and confident and who have excellent credit scores.


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Venus sign in AQUARIUS
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If his Venus sign is in Aquarius then he's attracted to a woman who stands out from the crowd by being unorthodox and unique. The quirkier and more original she is, the better. He doesn't want someone who is content to be just like everyone else. She should be an original thinker, creative, and independent. He prizes those who listen to the beat of their own drummer, then invents their own song.


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Venus sign in PISCES
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If his Venus sign is in Pisces then he's attracted to a woman who's easy-going, caring, and sweet. If she's a dreamer, who sees the world through an artistic lens, then all the better. She should be kind, unselfish, and always willing to do things for others. He finds vulnerability attractive and empathy sexy. If she's somewhat submissive, that's OK too because he'll never take advantage of her sensitive and trusting nature.


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