Why I Haven't Had Sex With A Woman In 36 Years

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36 years

There's nothing physically wrong with me; I just have no interest in it.

I'm 54 years old and I haven't had sex in 36 years.

When I was 18, I was in a relationship with a woman, with whom I had sex with once. That woman became emotionally hurt as a result of our intimacy because she had been drinking and the next day she felt as though I had taken sexual advantage of her.

For years afterward, I was emotionally traumatized by her reaction and never wanted another relationship.

As years went on, I solely concentrated on academics and my career. As a result of being a vocational trainer and employment consultant in Australia (I helped people find careers), I began to see women in a different light. I understood their need to be seen as equals to their male counterparts, and my ideologies of women changed from being one of sexual appreciation to intellectual appreciation.

Thus, I became a sapiosexual — a person inspired by one's intelligence.

I'm turned on by a woman's mind because, as a man who's both academically and vocationally aware, I appreciate women who share those same ambitions. I still enjoy women's intellectual capabilities, and prefer their minds over their physical or sexual features.

A stimulating conversation is more satisfying to me than anything sexual. My last job required me to review women's occupational abilities to excel in the business world, so I developed an appreciation for their minds.

I'm not interested in sexual activity because the thought of sex with women simply doesn't inspire me. That's why I stay happily single.

My beliefs were the catalyst for wanting to keep women in the "friend zone" as opposed to seeing them as emotional or sexual entities.

I don't miss sex because I never think about it. Some people think I'm asexual (i.e., not having any sexual emotions) as opposed to a sapiosexual, but I honestly don't miss it; I'm more turned on by a woman's intelligence than I am her physical body.

I still masturbate but I don't watch porn because it disgusts me. I also haven't cuddled with a woman in about 36 years simply because I don't miss cuddling. I'm more inclined to sit with a woman and discuss her mind, which is how I find pleasure in my interactions with women.


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