Exclusive! How Online Dating Helped One Man Convict A Killer


Exclusive! How Online Dating Helped One Man Convict A Killer
Kevin Leland was looking for love online, but what he found instead was dangerous and deadly.

"I killed my husband."

It's certainly not a great pickup line. Even when divulged during a heart-to-heart after hours of getting-to-know-you conversations, it doesn't exactly go over well. Men and women alike have sworn off potential love interests for far less. I live with my parents. I have five cats. I smoke. Any such confession might send scores of singles back to the dating drawing board.  Yet for Kevin Leland, a Vermont man looking for love and friendship on the dating site OkCupid, murder wasn’t a deal breaker…at first.

Of course Christine Billis, the woman who made the murderous admission to Kevin, didn’t advertise her treacherous past online. "I was attracted to her sense of humor," says Kevin about what first drew him to her OkCupid profile. "Also, she was a videographer, and she said she was interested in celibate Christian dating, like me. It seemed like we had a lot in common."

Granted, it's pretty difficult to discern a person's deviant nature based on a dating profile alone. Even the "Cannibal Cop" of New York, Gilberto Valle, came off as a stand-up guy in his profile, also on OkCupid. The married NYPD officer, who was accused last year of planning to kidnap, rape and cook women, described himself as a "true gentleman" and mentioned that he’s the kind of guy who will "open doors and pull out chairs for you." No red flags there. James Holmes, the man accused of the shooting deaths of 12 people in a suburban Colorado movie theater, however, was a little more forthcoming with his profile. "Will you visit me in prison?" he asked prospective daters. If only Kevin had received such forewarning from Christine.

So, with his interest piqued, Kevin began chatting with Christine—instant messaging for hours the very first night. Soon, they progressed to talking on the phone. Unnervingly, it was during their second call that Christine revealed her jarring confession. 

"We'd been talking and everything was going well, but I wanted to make sure I really knew her," explains Kevin. "I wanted to know about any downside." He led the way, admitting that he could be violent at times, getting into fights when provoked. Christine revealed that she had a similar violent streak, and eventually the conversation turned to the topic of her husband’s death.

"She told me, 'I did it. I did it on purpose,'" Kevin says about the moment Christine admitted that the 2009 death of her husband had not been an accident, as first presumed. "She was sobbing, and [the confession] just came out between cries," he says. 

Christine’s husband, Charles, had died when the family car struck a tree off a stretch of Vermont highway. She'd been driving, and though she was treated at a nearby hospital after the crash, none of her injuries proved life-threatening. At the time, investigators believed that a medical episode had caused her to momentarily lose control of the wheel, and the whole incident had been a tragic accident.

After Christine told her new online suitor the truth—that she had intentionally driven into the tree—Kevin says they both prayed over the phone. Then, amazingly, they made plans to meet in person.

"That first time we hung out, I drove to her house which was about an hour or two from my place," says Kevin. "We took a walk and she brought me to the scene of the wreck. It's strange, but she was kind of proud of it."

By now, you must be saying to yourself, What was he thinking? If it's surprising that Kevin didn’t call the police immediately after that first confessional phone call, and if it's boggling that he would agree to meet up with Chrisine to visit the crime scene, then it may be altogether mind-blowing to know that Kevin didn't alert authorities right away. In fact, he waited another two months.

But why? Turns out, despite her dramatic past, Christine had formed a bond with Kevin, a platonic one, but a true relationship nonetheless. Kevin even got to know Christine's two younger daughters (she has a third grown daughter who wasn’t living at home), and developed genuine sympathy for Christine's plight. Keep reading...

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