Sexiest Lingerie Pics: 10 Nearly Nude Celebrities

Sexiest Lingerie Pics: 10 Nearly Nude Celebrities
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It's about to get hot in here.

Who needs sexy magazine photo shoots when we've got Twitter and Instagram? To fulfill their fans' instant gratification needs, the hottest celebrities in Hollywood are taking it all off—and flashing lots of skin—all in the name of social media.

Before baby North West arrived, Kim K. shared {{ sexy selfies on the regular. As did Rihanna, whose endless stream of steamy pics are enough to make a certain ex-boyfriend jealous. Check out Kim, RiRi and eight other celebs posing in the naughty:

There aren't too many days where we have to go without a hot selfie shot on Twitter from Ice T's wife Coco. She does get #thongthursday trending, after all.

Kim Kardashian
It's just a matter of time before Kim will show off her post-baby bod. We expect some seriously sexy selfies from the new mom soon.

Yup, if we looked anything like Rihanna, we would post just as many clothing-optional selfies as she does. #workitgirl

When it comes to her red carpet style, we aren't always a fan of what Ke$ha rocks. So it's refreshing to see her look crazy sexy cool (and mostly normal!) in this pic.

Ricky Gervais
LOL! Funny-guy Ricky Gervais couldn't let the ladies have all the fun with the sexy selfies. Here, he's showing off some classy gold shorts (complete with bow tie!), a la Rocky's famous costume in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

It's not just the shower that's steamy in this pic! It's a Cassie selfie, snapped wearing nothing but a towel and smirk. 

Miley Cyrus
Miley's such a pro with her perfectly seductive pics, we'd really like her to teach a class on it! Seriously #signusup!

Jennifer Love Hewitt
The expectant actress showed off her famous curves wearing a colorful bikini in this flirty pic posted to her Instagram earlier this year.

Aubrey O'Day
Aubrey flaunted her fit body in this semi-nude Instagram pic recently. The reason? She wrote, "The things Ill do to get my mans attention when the Lakers r playing." Well ... we hope it worked!

Kate Upton
Just one look at this Sports Illustrated cover model, and you'll see that she's a whole lot of beautiful woman. #showoffthosecurves

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