How I Revealed My Secret Sex Fantasy For The First Time


How I Revealed My Secret Sex Fantasy For The First Time
Six women come clean about their dirty little sex fantasies.

From nerd glasses to champagne bathing, these ladies longed to get inventive in the bedroom. Read about how they let their partners in on their kinky plans for the first time, and the guys' (sometimes) surprising reactions.

1.  "My ex used to wear glasses to work, but he'd always take them off when we were hanging out. He looked insanely hot in them—like a Jewish Clark Kent. I became fixated on the glasses and wanted him to keep them on in bed. It seems like such a simple thing, but he was pretty passive and I didn't want to freak him out with sexual requests. Then one night during foreplay I just went for it. I told him to put his glasses on and do me. He followed along and it was fun for both of us."
—Jacqueline, 26, Lancaster, PA


2.  "I used to watch porn on my own, so I thought it'd be fun to start watching it with my boyfriend, as well. I don't know why, but I was nervous about bringing it up and appearing too kinky.  I guess I had some outdated idea in my mind that women should be docile damsels in the bedroom. Anyway, I sheepishly told him that I might be into watching certain X-rated films, as long as they had a good, romantic storyline. I played it off like I was a film buff and just interested in the cinematic quality of the movies. I'm sure he saw right through it, but he was sweet and found some good ol' Skinemax for us to watch together. Looking back, I know could've been straight forward, but eh … you learn."
—Courtney, 32, New York, NY

3.  "My husband and I were in London and our hotel suite had this insanely gorgeous claw-footed bathtub. When I saw it, I immediately fantasized about laying in it naked while my husband poured champagne all over my body. I thought about it all day while we were sightseeing, and when we got back to the hotel late that night I finally got the courage to tell him. I knew it was an odd request and he probably chalked it up to being on vacation, but he was definitely game. It was so worth it."
—Emily, 30, Miami, FL Keep reading...


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