'The Office' Romance: Jim & Pam's Best Love Quotes


'The Office' Romance: Jim & Pam's Best Love Quotes
We're going to miss Jim, Pam, and the rest of 'The Office!' Reminisce their romance with these GIFs!

Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly (now Pam Beesly-Halpert) of The Office are easily one of the most-loved TV couples ever. We've seen their first date, their wedding, their babies, their ups and downs—and they remind us a lot of ourselves, only funnier, which explains why they're so universally adored. Everyone wants a Jim to her Pam or vice versa.

We're going to miss Jim and Pam (and everyone else on The Office) now that the series has wrapped. Relive the best times with Jam's most romantic quotes:


The Office Jim Pam Date
Jim: "You gotta take a chance on something sometime."
The Office Jim & Pam
The Office Jim

Pam: "I had just woken up. I didn't look cute. That's how I knew he meant it."

The Office Jim Pam sleeping

Pam: "My veil tore."
The Office Jim & Pam wedding veil tore

The Office Jim & Pam wedding veil tore

Pam: "Hey, my aunt told me something neat."

Jim: "Oh yeah?"

Pam: "She said everything with the wedding goes by so fast, we should try to take mental pictures of the high points."

Jim: "Oh wow. That's cool."

Pam: "Yeah."

Jim: "Click. Oh, you blinked. Damnit, now that's in my brain forever. Lousy picture."

Pam: "Oh. We should've hired a professional to take the mental pictures."

The Office Jim & Pam Wedding

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