8 Reasons I Sympathize With David Letterman


dave letterman
The series of office romances was a perfect storm for infidelity.

OK. So you already know the deal with Dave Letterman. If not, please check out this: Details Of The David Letterman Sex Extortion Case

And this: Letterman Blackmailed For Revenge? Diary Tells All


… for the recap.

It's some heavy dope, mang. We'll probably never know the full extent of what went on because Letterman is such a private dude, but we can likely assume that a few of these allegations are factual and actual. And guess what? I'm really having a hard time seeing the overwhelming wrong in all of this.

Dave Letterman has been with Regina Lasko since 1986, it's said. Given his penchant for privacy, we really only know that the couple has a 6-year-old son and have been legally wed since March of 2009. I was sort of hoping that it would be revealed that his extracurriculars ended after his heart surgery in early 2000* or at least the birth of his little man in 2003. At least he said he was sorry, right? Read: 3 Ways To Handle Infidelity Like A Celebrity

What I do know is, that while I don't condone cheating, as Chris Rock says, "I understand." The Letterman romance situation is/was a veritable perfect storm of opportunity (in no particular order):

1) Dave's company, Worldwide Pants, produces the Late Show, not CBS. Their HR policies are likely to be more liberal than the network's, per Examiner.

2) Dave was unmarried until this year and his home, Connecticut, does not recognize common law marriage. Maybe their subdued March wedding was to end certain dalliances. Read: Cohabiting Rights May Come To A State Near You

3) Dave is usually regarded to be a pretty good guy. He's personable, self-deprecating and generous (or charitable), which chicks dig. Also, it's been said that he's discreet and gentlemanly about his pursuits. Read: Is It Better For A Man To Be Funny Or Rich?

4) Late-night television requires long hours and tons of interaction between team members. They shoot five, one-hour (44-minute) TV shows in four days. Plus they do this roughly 40 weeks per year. Conventional TV and films are like 9-to-5s by comparison. Read: The New Hook-Up Hotspot? Work!

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