5 Places To Find A Smart Guy


5 Places To Find A Smart Guy
Where to go to meet your future brainy boyfriend.

Romance is infinitely more satisfying when it stimulates body AND mind. But finding a brainy boy toy in a sea of dullards can be more daunting than organic chemistry.

We've pinpointed the precise geographic coordinates most favorable to meeting an intelligent male specimen.


In other words, we found the best spots to score your very own smarty-pants.Read: Is Dating Harder For Smart People?

1. Mensa Testing Day

Why make things hard on yourself? Use a foolproof method for meeting a legitimate brainiac - head on over to a Mensa meeting. Sure, men claim to be geniuses all the time. But this is the only place where they actually have the test scores to prove it.

When only the best and brightest will do, let Mensa be your matchmaker. Sign up for the annual Mensa Testing Day on Saturday, October 17. While you can take the test anytime, this is a great event for mixing with smart-minded men. Even if you don't officially make it into Mensa, you might just make it with a Mensa man!Read: Online Dating For Real Geeks Only

And Mensa meetings are definitely a man market. According to Catherine Barney, communications director for American Mensa, membership is roughly 65 percent male and 35 percent female. "It's very common for people to meet their spouses at a Mensa function," she says. What smart cookies!

2. Online, of course.

You can almost always find a masculinus intelligentus lurking in its natural habitat: the interweb.Read: Top 8 Reasons Online Dating Is Great

You'll find every species of boy geniuses on these great, geeky sites:

For cute geeks: IQCuties.com (Members must pass an IQ test.)
For Ivy geeks: RightStuffDating.com (You must be a student, professor or have graduated from a list of "excellent" colleges and universities.
For sexy geeks: Nerve.com (Smarty-pants - with or without their pants.)
For book geeks: SingleBookLovers.com (Language lovers unite!)
For geeky geeks: SweetOnGeeks.com (You can't go wrong with a site that celebrates "nonconformity and nerd spirit.")Read: A Dating Site For Smarties

3. Boulder, Colorado

According to Forbes.com, Boulder wins the prize for smartest city in the United States. You're sure to get a Rocky Mountain mental high after meeting the smart men roaming here.
If you can't make it to brilliant Boulder, drop by these other cities that made the top ten:

Ithaca, N.Y.
Washington, D.C.
Ames, Iowa
Ann Arbor, Mich.
Iowa City, Iowa
Corvallis, Ore.
Lawrence, Kan.
Boston / Cambridge, Mass.
San Francisco, Calif.

According to Forbes, the common denominator among smart cities is that they all host colleges: "A high quality of life causes the young and college educated, in their first few years out of school, to flock to these places, as they are the demographic with the most freedom and mobility to move to the places that are the most desirable."

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