Testimonials From My Clients


Client and Private Testimonials (names changed where required. Once again, I do NOT share in sexual contact with my clients)

Also I wanted to thank you for meeting with me today.I was nervous and
it was very comfortable and definitely helpful. I'm excited to work on
this and be excited about sex again. I'll let you know how everything
goes.... --April


Sex life coaching gives me a whole new world of sexual freedom and
enjoyment within the boundaries of my relationship. I don't have to
choose from that dismal list of options. I can have big orgasms and
powerful sex with my husband and him with me by learning with you! Who
knew that he had a hidden erotica writing talent?! Your first session
brought that out in him. --Joyce

It was good for me to hear that I'm not "broken" -- that there are tons of options for anyone looking to improve their sex lives, regardless of personal "limitations." :) --Lucy

I learned some good skills that I will hopefully be able to put into practice soon! I also typed up all my notes so I have a nice reference sheet to refer back to! (What a Virgo!) You were very easy to talk to and I was not embarrassed or uncomfortable at all. I just wanted to say how much I admire your sex skills. You are so knowledgable and repectful of women and their bodies, which is way cool. You definitely have a gift. --Irina

May I also add I tried a sex coaching session with Eric for problem I
had with my partner, and I have seen a huge improvement in just one
session. The ideas he gave me, I have implemented. Yes, it does
require being willing to try some new things. One of the techniques he
gave me, probably the most important one, is how to talk to my partner,
something totally unexpected from a sex coach. I thought it was all
technique. I can't wait what more I will learn, hmmmm...--Wendy

I loved the session, you have a good style and it worked for me. For next week, is Wed late morning possible? Have a fantastic weekend thank you so so much --Tina

If I hadn't gotten a sense of who you are from your blog I never would have contacted you or felt you could help me, or wanted you to help me. You made me feel very safe and that is so huge for me, re: the baggage stuff I talked about during our consult. I mean I'm taking care of myself for the first time but a big part of that is allowing myself to be completely honest with you. --Eva

Google up WellandGoodNYC.com's feature article on me and my work as a sex life coach, my Wine and Chocolate Salons for Women, and also some sex advice from the Salon on how women can more easily reach orgasm. --E.A

Great first conversation! I felt comfortable talking to you about this, you have a very reassuring, warm but professional manner. Trust is essential here. I think the guided sex session first is the best plan. I need someone to keep me on task so to speak and I think a guided session will help you figure out where I need to focus. Also I know I will gloss over the steps that I'm not comfortable with or I get frustrated with and if you're there (via skype) you can help me to avoid that. I feel like a need a personal trainer, only for sex, to get me through this. On my own, I'll just give up. --Irene

Before hiring Eric, I was an avid reader of his erotica. In the end it was Eric's expertise and naturalness in the area of human sexuality that were the deciding factors in my choosing his Guided Sex option, along with the fact that he trained with Betty Dodson for over ten years. Eric's comfort with and support of his clients' pleasure can only enhance the experience of those that are ready for this powerful learning experience. During our regular talk-teaching sessions Eric answered many indirectly related sex and dating questions. All this was done over skype, which I thought would make the interaction a bit cold, but it didn't and within the first week I was recommending him to friends!" -Lisa

Working with Eric is a great experience. His extensive knowledge and experience made me feel confident and his suggestions were both practical and creative. He provides the kind of information and support that is both rare and incredibly valuable to men who are building sexual confidence with women and enjoying the kinds of sex they want the most. --Jorge

My husband and I are doing great. You certainly helped us with new ideas that work great and more importantly, with making time (longer time) for good sex mostly focused on me and my pleasure. My husband is all about that, too. For most of our marriage we didn't do that (I certainly didn't demand it), so it's great to do now! --Tina

Eric's doing a great job so far with helping me be more confident and caring with women. I love women, but had such fear when with them. That's much reduced now and dates are going much better for me. Looking forward to a night of sex with a new girlfriend. Eric covered that too. I feel so much better prepared than ever before. --Larry

d on….and on….(this is me going on and about you!) session. But seriously, for about a year now, I have been focused on putting the intimate and erotic spark back into my loooong term relationship with my husband. Since I’m not one for romantic gestures, I knew that more romance, the typical prescription, would not suit. A few good books started me down the right path, especially as I redefined myself, started to SEE myself as a sensual woman, not only a wife and mother. That was important, but until I found your practice, through enjoyment of your blog (crazy fan excitement level), I was inching along in the partner sex area. So thank you for being that super experienced advisor and confidant that I absolutely need to take my sex life where I want it to go. Also, the afore mentioned husband thanks you several times a week, in an indirect way. Well…he doesn’t scream your name or anything, but that would be weird for me ;) Enough gushing! Gotta run. I have this wonderful list of new sex things that my advisor wants me to work on…. --Rachel

Eric proved to me and supported me in accepting a vibrator as my preferred form of clitoral stimulation to orgasm. That I could love oral and sex from my husband, get very turned on from it, then when it was time for my orgasm, uptake the vibrator while he provides other hot stimulation. It fits my body's needs and no guilt from pressure to come a certain way. Also, Eric showed us how the two of us (and me by myself) can move toward manual and oral sex clitoral orgasms gradually over time. Thank you, Mr. Amaranth. :) --Jennifer

I love the better understanding of what places on my penis feel better when stimulated and stimulated the best way for me. It's made my masturbation and intercourse better at the same time. It makes it easier to know what my penis needs at this point in my life to orgasm during intercourse, which was a problem for me. I lasted forever, and women loved that, but I and they also wanted me to come in them too. Eric rocks. --Roger

a comment on my blog: "It's fantastic! I love it!! and I told all my friends about it." --Gail

Intense, groundbreaking, revealing, memorable session. Thank you! Will follow up with a technical question on something I learned last night! --Jennifer

Having Eric in my home, learning from him, felt genuine, comfortable, and exciting(!) from the very first session. --Lily

Mark and I have been wanting to improve our sex lives for a while now and Eric made it natural, showing how the pieces all fit together. Great teacher! --Michael

At first my My premature ejaculation is finally history! My girlfriend is loving life and so am I. --Arthur

We were skeptical to say the least that a straight man had anything to teach a lesbian couple in need of a resurrected lovelife. After our consultation, it was clear that Eric loves women and pursues their pleasure the same as we do. The results were far greater than we expected. He knew more about p***y and what to do with it than we did, but not anymore, after hiring him. ;) --Kim

On the way home now... magical weekend, Eric. Thank you. --Sandra

My second month learning with eric and the new discoveries in myself and my husband (and new pleasures) just keep on coming! --Sandra
Thank you so much for your time and energy while working with me. You were extremely patient with me and my frustrations, and you impressed me with your wealth of information and ideas. You offered options that I'd never considered, and you certainly were willing to give me whatever time was necessary for me to understand your suggestions and ask questions. --Jocelyn

My husband and I are sexually experienced and we had no idea how eye opening your information would be especially in regards to the physiology of good sex and the strength and impact of your techniques. You were right that we may have gone for years never discovering these things, or taking forever to find them on our own. --Rachel

Thanks Eric. We were very pleased with our sessions with you. Far above expectations. You're very impressive at what you do. I'd love to hear your thoughts on places we might want to venture next! You're a lifechanger! --Sandra

"I want to thank you again for our conference call this morning and tell you that it was a very beneficial start to my 'awakening,' shall we say. You clarified the basic questions I had and helped me understand some new things. I also appreciate your last statement about recognizing my own emotions within what I would call an energy exchange with someone new. I made a conscious decision when I decided to talk to you. It was scary because you are tied to sex and eroticism and I have never allowed myself to fully open up and stay in that place very long. But now I have spoken to you and it was fine. I can speak further with you sometime. So, thank you and until we speak again!" --Cynthia

Eric, something you explained to me in our session-that it is wonderful to pamper a penis little bit longer in a woman's mouth after you have ejaculated into her mouth. This has just been confirmed to me by my email lover. He said that he is that imagining right now, how I would pamper him in this way. I don't think many women think to do this-? Eric, you helped me understand a very important connection between a man's body and heart. Having said that, I would hope for the same caring pampering between my legs. -Reiko Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that with the communication I had left with him last time and a bit of fantasy --- I had some bliss last weekend .... So it was very good !!! Thanks so much for helping me create it around fun and not accomplishment ... :D -Katherine

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