Hot and Heartwarming Email from A Couple-Client


Here is an email exchange between me and my client, Rachel, whom I blogged on in the past. It's telling me all about their first time playing with dominance and submission plus bondage after Rachel did a notetaking session with me to plan for it and one other type of scene. She bounced her ideas off me and I gave her my guidance and adjustments to her scenes. She also bought a book for bondage including sex. The results were a major breakthrough in their sexual dynamic. Hopefully she'll write erotica about it and let me post. Her husband Oren has been absent from our sessions, not comfortable to be there, and apprehensive when Rachel began with me. Not anymore:

Rachel: Definitely want to get on your schedule. Mid June timing will be I little harder for me to schedule since the kids are out of school and around during the day. I will work it out and get back to you.


Oren will join - 95% sure - he's just so shy about sharing. I think he's finally seeing the light with the recent fantasy/dom play you helped me with. It took him off guard. When I told him I had a surprise, I think he expected something more extreme. He knows I can get carried away. Thanks to you for talking me down a bit :) Turned out well for both of us. I keep meaning to try and write it up.

It's also a good thing you pushed me to separate the bondage and spanking from the fantasy initially. It would have been too much. So, as we packed for our getaway, I finally just presented him with the ropes and the bondage book you sent + another dom book I had purchased. He flipped though the bondage book, thought it was sexy, and seemed receptive. We discussed who would be tied up and it was clear that he wanted to take the lead. YEAH! I was thrilled that he would take that on because lately it's been all me taking a more assertive roll in the bedroom. That's kind of what I've done our entire relationship, in many aspects of our lives. Good or bad, it's the reality of our power structure, and we've been generally comfortable with it.

So...we did the bondage the first night of our trip. He used the most basic of the knots around my ankles, then used the tape you personal sex shopped around my wrists (ropes are SO much better, I need 2 more!). Once I was tied up, truly bound, the vibe completely changed. Amazing to me that the reality of physical restraint seemed to give him permission to use his assertive side. I've talked and talked to him about being more assertive, but he didn't act on it until I was bound and unable to do anything but submit!

Wonderful results. At one point he actually straddled me and fucked by mouth. *sigh* I had requested this in the past and he had given me the, "You're crazy..." look. He ended by taking me in the missionary position, using an superbly aggressive fuck stroke. Seeing and hearing him experience his release like about getting me worked up.

As he cleaned us both and released me, I gave him some of my best ego stroking dirty talk. Then he make good use of his mouth all over my pussy, rewarding me with a super deep come. Onward...For our next Skype call, especially if Oren joins, I would like to go through your anal sex method. We need to improve our technique.

Amaranth: wow. :)) So -happy- for you! You have to write this up for me to put on my blog as an erotica client-success story. And to immortalize for your memories. May I post this email exchange to my blog? Names changed?

Rachel: Feel free to use. yes, the role reversal was totally in play. An example of good sex really stripping us bare, then building us back up, refreshed. Where the fuck was my head in my 30's, just totally ignoring this basic human connection with him, putting it so low on my priority list? I'm looking forward to the weekend when I can take the time to write up our first experience with the doctor fantasy you helped me with, the second afternoon of our trip....

Amaranth: When I was reading sex self help books way back in my teens, I noticed a pattern in people saying things like this. "I wish I'd have known this in my 20's 30's 40's, 30 years ago, ten years ago," etc. I remember the moment in one of those bookstores when I looked at my present place in life, my teens, and I said to myself that I would not allow that fate to befall me. I was in the perfect place. A makeshift time machine, as it were. No time lost! It was also one of the things that made me want to help people's sex lives. I had never come across anything so dramatic before, besides smoking or drugs for example, that made people wish they could go back in time and do it differently.

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