My Youngest Woman Client's Glowing Feedback


This email from 22 yr old "Rebecca" (name changed) made my day. I was sitting on my workout bench at my mentor Betty's place when I read this on my blackberry. Putting to words the feelings a letter like this stirs in me is difficult.... It's several emotions blended together. The best I can do to describe it is, the thrill of erasing a little suffering from the face of the planet.

Hi there, Eric. :)
So I'm finally getting around to writing this-- I've been pretty busy working and setting things up here in Vermont-- everything is going well though. I hope things are well with you too!
I figure I will just write as though I'm speaking to you (which I am) and you can cut and paste whatever you want to use for your blog. Hope this helps! I mean it all!


I want to thank you for the time we spent together. Meeting with you, I don't think I even fully understood why I was doing it-- or maybe it was that there were too many reasons to comprehend or get across-- but when I met and spoke with you, I knew that it didnt matter, that you could help with whatever I wanted to talk about and whatever I wanted to do. That's probably what I liked best about our meetings, is that they weren't really sex focused (though there defintely was that :) ) they were life focused. You gave me advice on relationships, on seduction, on power-dynamics and protecting yourself in and out of the bedroom. We talked about health, happiness, and so much in between.

The other thing I really loved is that you made me feel incredibly comfortable. Sex is not an easy subject to talk about. Having an open discourse about it without being judged or misunderstood, is extremely liberating. I think you have an amazing ability to be both professional and warm at the same time. I learned such an incredible amount from you-- an incredible amount! It is truly information that everyone should know. It also made me realize that I have so much more learn-- and I hope to keep learning.

You were great about making time for me-- especially seeing as our time was limited. Did I mention that I also just had a lot of fun in the sessions?

I wish I had met you sooner! But I am so thankful for all our sessions. I would suggest them to anyone and everyone.

I hope we keep in touch!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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