2 More Sexy Themes To Heat Up Your Relationship [EXPERT]

2 More Sexy Themes To Heat Up Your Relationship [EXPERT]

2 More Sexy Themes To Heat Up Your Relationship [EXPERT]

Summer screams romance - take the lead and infuse some "wow" into your love life!

There's no better time for romance than summer -a time typically associated with fun experiences: vacations, midnight swims, picnics on the beach, bonfires, outdoor concerts, summer love. So what's on your romantic agenda? Do you fantasize about doing something special but chicken out at the last minute? Do you hang back and wait for your man to turn into Don Juan only to get disappointed and frustrated? Why not take control of your love life and spice things up with a sexy themed date night?

The truth is most men have no clue how to give us "romance" in the package we expect. So take the lead, set the stage and invite him into your enchanting, feminine lair...he'll take it from there.

It can be something as simple as buying new lingerie and having a " risqué fashion show" in your boudoir or as bold as one of these steamy themed romantic recipe’s taken from my book, Sexy and Sparkling. Reclaim your sensual playful spirit now – it’s your PASSPORT to passion, intimacy and connection!


“Island Fever”.  Bring the balmy, romantic nights of Hawaii to your home with a lua for two. Increase the heat with a sensual island dance – get your girlfriends to take some hula classes with you or tune into YouTube for flirtatious and fun movements that will mesmerize. Pique your lovers curiosity with an invitation to a “Pleasure Island Get Away,” attached to a silk lei hidden in his briefcase or gym bag. The stage has been set for a night of hot island fever!

“Recipe for Romance” Essentials:

• 1 island girl ensemble
• 2 flower leis
• Tiki torches
• Island inspired candles Hawaiian music

How to Set the Mood for Romance:
Lighting: tiki torches, island inspired candles
Music: online Hawaiian music station
Beverage: Blue Hawaiian. Make your drinks festive by adding a paper parasol and garnishing with a pineapple and cherry fruit spear.
Appetizers: Macadamia Nut-encrusted Mahi-Mahi with Coconut Risotto, Coconut Pudding

Greet him at the door with a flower lei and a big “Aloha” kiss wearing a sexy island girl ensemble: sarong and bikini top with pretty, bright, coral colored mani/pedi. Let the night unfold with pleasure as you wow with a hip-swaying hula dance and delicious massage. Soft, feminine flirting, albeit shameless, will bring your partner to his knees, begging for more!

“Let’s Get Twisted”. Invite your beau to play an age-old game with new racy rules. This lively escapade will have you and your lover laughing and lusting in no time - feeling young, sexy and alive! Write an invitation saying, “Let’s get twisted - XOXO Your Sassy Senorita.” Place all the “romance essentials” along with the invite on a large sombrero and leave it on the bathroom counter so he see’s it when getting out of the shower. Meanwhile set the mood with lively Latin tunes, dancing flickering flames and playful maracas. Keep Reading...

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