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The 3 Best Sex Positions To Satisfy ALL Of Her Pleasure Needs

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These are the position that you SERIOUSLY need to add to your love-making.

Before I show you three of the best sex positions to make your woman orgasm fast, we need to talk about something most websites and “sex-perts” are ignoring. It’s the real reason most women never orgasm from penetration. A lot of guys think it’s because of their size, how long they can last or how fast they thrust…

It’s not. The real reason most women never orgasm from penetration is: Most guys don’t know how to thrust.

Think about it for a second… Remember that the last time a woman got on top of you and think about how she moved. Now, unless she was doing it only for your pleasure, she probably wasn’t bouncing straight up and down.

So how did she move?

When a woman gets on top, she grinds you!

Why? Because it’s that type of motion that makes your “member” rub against her clit, g-spot and other “orgasmic trigger zones.” If you just keep thrusting straight in and out, it’s very rare that she’ll come!

So if you do want to bring your woman to a climax during penetration, you’ve got to thrust in a motion that stimulates her orgasmic trigger zones…

...Or use positions that provide the right stimulation naturally.

Such as:

Easy Orgasm Position #1 Jockey Meets Doggy

Women LOVE doggy style! Not only does it meet her primal desire to be submissive and dominated, it also creates some incredibly pleasurable physical sensations. 

Your balls slap her clit... Your hips smack her butt... And best of all, doggy style creates a great angle for g-spot stimulation.

In jockey meets doggy, you take advantage of these benefits AND increase the contact with her g-spot by thrusting directly into it.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Start in the traditional doggy style position, and lightly pull her hair.

WARNING: Whenever you pull your woman's hair, make sure it’s close to her scalp so you don’t hurt her.

Step 2. Place a pillow under her pelvis, turn her head to one side, and push it down onto the bed, keeping her rear up in the air.

Between steps 2 and 3… pull out of her, and let her know how hot she looks in that position. Tell her how sexy her ass is and how hard she makes you.

Step 3. Have her lay flat on the pillow, and get on top of her.

Now, you’re in the perfect position to thrust straight down into her g-spot! Hold her wrists down while you talk dirty to her, and it wont be long before she submits to orgasm!

Easy Orgasm Position #2 Folded Deck Chair With A Pillow

While your woman desperately wants you to take control and give it to her hard in a dominating position like Jockey Meets Doggy, she also wants more sensual experiences... at times.

The most common position couples use for this is the missionary position. And while the classic version is a great way to build intimacy with your woman and give her clitoral stimulation (when you do it right), it doesn’t provide much stimulation to the g-spot.

So here’s a simple twist to the classic position that will have you plowing straight into her g-spot and have her coming in no time!

I call it the Folded Deck Chair With A Pillow.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Get your woman to lie on her back and place a pillow under her butt.

Step 2. Get on your knees in front of her as you fold her legs up towards her head.

Step 3. Rest her legs against your chest and over your shoulders.

The pillow causes her pelvis to tilt at an angle so that when you thrust straight back and forth, you’ll be thrusting straight into her g-spot!

Easy Orgasm Position #3 Leaning Cowgirl

Sometimes your girl wants you to follow your animal instincts and give it to her hard. Sometimes she wants to “make love” and feel a deeper connection with you… and sometimes, she wants to take control, get on top and take you for a ride.

A big mistake a lot of guys make when their girl gets on top is they start thrusting really fast and hard from the bottom.

Until you’re positive that you can thrust in perfect sync with the rhythm that’s going to get her off… don’t do it! Her body will let her know exactly how to move in order to reach a climax… so don’t ruin it by messing with her rhythm.

The Truth About The Classic Cowgirl Position

In the classic variation of cowgirl (or girl on top), she’s trying to stimulate her clitoris. She’ll do it by grinding her clit against your shaft, your pubic bone or the area where the two meet.

The next time you’re in this position, stay still, and notice exactly where and how she’s stimulating her clit. Don’t think about how fast or deep you could go.

Focus only on her clit! And only thrust back if you’re positive you can meet her motion in perfect sync.

By the way, if you’re shaved, that little stubble can be really irritating to her clit. So if she really likes this position, you might want to consider trimming (instead of shaving completely) to leave a nice fluffy cushion for her.

Now, here’s how to do the Leaning Cowgirl for g-spot orgasms.

Instead of resting on top of you and grinding her clit against your groin, you’re going to have her lean back and move her hips and pelvis up and down, dropping her g-spot directly onto you!

Now, If she’s never tried this variation before, she might not know just how pleasurable it can be… So while she’s on top of you, tell her it would be really hot if she leaned back. Give her a minute to find the perfect motion, then place your palm on her pubic bone, and use your thumb to rub her clit, giving her an internal and external pleasure combo!

Now, keep in mind, this is a very vulnerable position for your woman to be in. Not only is her entire body exposed to you and at risk of being judged, but her performance is as well. So give her compliments, and use her vulnerability in a positive way by building her sexual self-esteem.

Tell her how sexy she looks when she moves that way… Let her know how incredible she’s making you feel… And tell her that she loves it.

Say “You love riding me like this don’t you, baby?” This sneaky little language pattern is called an imbedded command. It sounds like a question, but there’s actually a subtle command telling her: “Love riding me like this.” You’re giving her subconscious mind a command to love it, which helps her relax and achieve orgasm a lot faster!

So now you know why most women never orgasm from penetration, and more importantly, you know three of the best positions to make your woman orgasm fast!

However, this is only one of the three steps to becoming the best she’s ever had. And I made a video for you that reveals the other steps (and a few advanced tricks) to give her the most pleasurable sexual experiences of her entire life starting tonight!

So if you want to give your woman more juicy and explosive orgasms in one sweaty weekend than she has in an entire year with her ex watch this video now!

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