Kink Up Your Sex Life '50 Shades Of Grey' Style

Kink Up Your Sex Life '50 Shades Of Grey' Style

Kink Up Your Sex Life '50 Shades Of Grey' Style

Sex toys and light bondage gear as mentioned in "50 Shades of Grey". Kink up your sex life!

The new "mommy porn" erotica is sweeping the nation! If you have not heard of "50 Shades of Grey" you have been hiding under a rock. This new genre of erotica is the talk of every book club in the U.S. and kinking up "married sex" all over the country.

Who knew soccer moms and book worms liked it all so kinky? Well, apparently, author E.L. James knew! Her erotica trilogy is #1 New York Bestseller list and one of the most popular kindle downloads ever!

I think it's a fun book, myself. Maybe not the best writing ever, but the sex scenes are super hot! I am a Sex Toy expert and the founder of an online sex toy store called - so it's pretty hard to surprise me or shock me. I am exposed to a lot of very kinky people and kinky lifestyles through my business, so I did not find the sex scenes to be so shocking. (I know, I sound jaded.) But, I LOVE any kind of book, sex toy or new concept that HEATS up the bedrooms of married people and people in long term relationships. And HOT SEX (or just any sex) is happening thanks to this book! Now that makes my heart sing.


So, I did read the first book in the trilogy and thought I would outline some of the kinky sex toys they referred to in the book. Who knew American women like the "submissive" fantasies in this book. Now let's have some fun and check out the sex toys and bondage gear in the book!

Are you ready to be tied up? A fabulouse company in Southern California called ( and they make all of their products in the U.S.) makes a really cool product called "Beginner's Bondage" which gives you 4 restraints and a blindfold. These restraints are perfect for beginners and intermediate kinksters. And, what I personally love about this product is that the part that attaches to your ankles and wrists are super soft and use velcro to tighten them down. This company knows that some of us want to get kinky at home, kinky in a motel or a hotel so they made it so you can throw the whole thing in the washer and dryer!

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