How To Make A Guy Want You: 5 Weird, Clever Tips

how to get a boyfriend

Learn How To Make A Guy Want You By Using These 5 Clever But Weird Techniques.

Learning how to make a guy want you can be quite easy...if you follow these simple steps. You may notice that you already do some of the techniques and tactics I list below, but using just one or two is not enough. If you really want to make him want, desire, and need you, then you need to get good at doing all five.

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Rule #1 Have Your Own Life

Probably the most misunderstood and counterintuitive advice that I can give you is that you need to have your own life when it comes to love and dating. But, what does that even mean?

"Having your own life" means that you need to have your own interests independent of your man. These are things like hobbies, activities, and even friends that you are super into but that your man isn't necessarily as interested in.

But why is having your own life like this so important?

It's for a number of reasons...

1) You need to show your man that you really and truly do enjoy his company and presence, but at the same time you need to let him know that you don't need him. Showing your man that you don't need him will make him respect you more. Think about it...if you desperately need him and drop your life for him, then he will quickly realise that he doesn't have to work for your love, affection, and respect anymore. When this happens, he will ultimately lose respect for you.

2) Women who have their own lives are infinitely more attractive to a guy. You see, men are actually a lot like cats. When they can easily have you, then they will just as easily get bored with you (much like a cat and a dangling piece of twine). But, when they have to work hard to win you over, then they will be a lot more attracted to you.

So, when you have your own life, you will naturally be harder to hang out with and less available...perfect for making him want you a whole lot more.

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Rule #2 Do You Love You?

I definitely don't want to get all "woo woo" or spiritual with you, but you really do have to ask yourself this: "Do I love myself?"

When you think about it, how can a guy love and want you if you don't even love and want yourself? If you do, then great! But if you are not yet totally in love with yourself, then don't fret. There are plenty of ways to remedy it.

  • If you feel like you are not in shape, then you can always join a gym and start working out more.
  • If you aren't feeling that confident with your fashion sense, then get in touch with a friend who keeps up with trends and ask them for some advice or even to go shopping with you.
  • The same goes for your confidence with talking to guys. The only way to get more confident is to practice more and more with male friends and co-workers.

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