This 3-Minute Game Will Improve Your Relationship

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Can you give three minutes to reconnect with your partner?

When was the last time you really felt touched? Or gave touch? Think about it - I don't mean a hand shake - or a pat on the back when someone does a great job. I am talking about intentional loving touch, just for the sake of connection, intimacy and pleasure.

After all - It is such a basic thing right? The ability to give and receive touch - and yet it is where most couples stumble. How can you stumble in giving and receiving touch you may ask? Isn't touching something that everybody knows how to do. Well - maybe, and perhaps not so much!

So many people don't know how to completely surrender to the act of giving or receiving touch. Many of us just go for mutual groping under the sheets - often not being clear about whether or not we are giving or receiving. In this ritual of love making, we often miss out on the pleasure of either role.

A great way to practice giving and receiving red hot sexy touch is to practice the skill set. Let me introduce the concept of the "Three Minute Game". This game is taught in many sexuality workshops across the country. I should know - I have been to quite a few!

In the "Three Minute Game" you get to chose whether you are the giver or the receiver for three minutes. And then you take turns with your partner. In those three minutes you alternate with your partner whether you are the "giver" or the "receiver". You will get to be both. Then you take turns giving and receiving simple touch for three whole minutes. It goes something like this:

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