Ditch The Clothes And Love Your Birthday Suit!

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How increased nudity can help with sex, body image, confidence and more...

We are such a clothed society. As a soceity we definitely like to show a lot of skin, we like fashion that exposes the midriff, the shoulders, short skirts that show off legs, low cut blowses that show some cleavage, but when it comes down to it, at the end of the day, nudity as a whole is something that is not highly accepted, nor is it publically legal in many cases.

I am not suggesting we start streaking or blatantly shocking people by walking down the street in the nude, (you could get arrested for that anyway), I am also not suggesting you freeze your buns off in the winter, but what I am referring to is incorporating more appropriate nudity into your life. If the only time you are getting naked is to take a shower, or to get dressed, then the rest of the time you are hiding yourself, underneath your clothes.

What this does is it sends our brain an underlying message that our naked body is to be hidden. Our brain processes that message as suggesting that our naked nude body is something to be ashamed of. But, in reality, our bodies are something to be proud of.

Instead of shedding pounds, I encourage you to shed some clothes. Instead of stepping on the scale, step ouf of your clothes. I am not talking about fashion nor about showing more cleavage or more thigh. And I am not saying just for showering or changing, but I encourage you to spend some time naked everyday.

What is under all that clothes? A beautiful body of yours! Your birthday suit. You were born naked after all. And the best part, nudity is free. You don't have go buy 7-day workout package, nor do you need to spend thousand of dollars on therapy. Just take off your clothes!

When we can be comfortable nude we can only be more comfortable with our bodies. And when we are comfortable with our body, we are comfortable in our own skin. And guess what? Another side effect of being comfortable in our own bodies, and our own skin is increased confidence. Increased confidence will not only boost endorphins and make you more attractive to others but it will also make you feel sexier overall. And we all know a sexier you is bound to lead to better sex! So ultimately, nudity is the first step in a path to better mental, physical and sexual health.

So, take off your clothes.

Here are some suggestions to incorporate more nudity into your daily life:

  1. Sleep in the nude. This is especially wonderful if you have a partner, but sleeping naked alone is wonderful too. I know people that never wear clothes to bed. This is not always sexual, either. It can just feel great. And, of course, it won't hurt if sex is in the cards.
  2. Walk around the room, bathroom (or house or apartment, if you live alone), nude.  This can be before or after a shower too. Spend a few minutes grooming yourself, while still undressed.
  3. Look at your complete body naked in the mirror. Get to know all the intimate details of your body. Don't wait for someone else to discover that red patch on your lower back!

All in all, learning to incorporate just a little more nudity will help us feel more connected our own bodies, and this as we explored above can be the beginning to many great things ahead!


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