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Ways A Good Man Tells You He Loves You Without saying a Word!

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Ways A Good Man Tells You He Loves You Without saying a Word!
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The reality is not all men are talkers, but that does not mean they do not love you deeply!

Many women have grown up with dreams of falling madly in love after being swept off their feet with grand gestures of romance.  This may primarily be due to our upbringings, imagery from the media and other environmental influences that have shaped our expectations.  However, the side effect of this norm is some women may fail to recognize when love does coming knocking on their door because of preconceived expectations of what love should sound, feel and look like.  If you suspect you may be one of these women, here are a few ways a good man tells you he loves you without saying a word!

The Little Things:

It sounds cliché, but often it’s the small or little things that go unnoticed which speaks volumes when it comes to love.  It could be as simple as making you breakfast just the way you like it, rubbing your feet after a long day or taking care of household chores like doing the dishes or taking out the garbage.  It’s these small gestures of thoughtfulness that demonstrate an intention to make things less stressful for you that can demonstrate love. 


Sometimes, women are so focused on the fantasy or dream, they end up with tunnel vision.  What I mean by this is the tendency to only see the popular gestures such as flowers, jewellry, shopping sprees or romantic getaways and may miss the frequency in which they occur.  Specifically, only on milestone events such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or other key events in which they are expected.  However, there are many gestures that are often taken for granted which also speak volumes when it comes to love.  These include things like picking up the kids on schedule, taking care of maintenance or repairs to ensure our safety or even doing the grocery shopping.  While they may not be categorized as romantic, knowing you can consistently depend on someone to make it a priority to take care of the day to day things which help you to function effectively, can be a huge comfort and expression of love. 

Guardians of Your Safe Place:

Another common way good men often tell women how much they love them without saying a word is in the role they play as guardians of your safe place.  That is the quiet place where you know you can be yourself with no judgment.  It’s the space you can’t wait to get to after a stressful or emotional experience or where you know you will find peace.  Good guys guard this space for you, recognize when you need it and listen to you with their full attention until you’re ready for words.  

The Way They Look At You:

Many women are often juggling so many different priorities from the various roles they hold in their lives, they do not have the time to notice the way their guys look at them.  Maybe it’s when you’re reading to the kids, or when you’re trying to figure out what to wear, or when you’re standing up for something you believe in.  However, the eyes are powerful reflectors for expressions of love including deep admiration, respect, joy and gratitude among many other things.  It only takes a few seconds of noticing to feel intense forms of love without saying a word. 

Ladies, the list goes on, but what is clear is there are many good men out there who may prefer to show you how they feel instead of telling you how they feel.  The reality is not all men are talkers, but that does not mean they do not love you deeply.  So instead of trying to change them and constantly be frustrated, I encourage you to actively seek out ways in which he does tell you he loves you without saying a word.  You may be pleasantly surprised at what you learn and find romance has been right under your nose right along!

Michelle Tajudeen is a certified Coach and President of MetaCC Incorporated.  You can follow her blog on YourTango or learn more about her on her website at