Secret of the Ex Seduction Revealed


Secret of the Ex Seduction Revealed
Seduce Your Ex Back, Make Them Addicted To You

So you are now separated but you are still in contact. And you can tell that feelings are still raw. You can see in their eyes how much they still find you attractive and yearn for you. If you have the right mindset, the separation from your ex could be a fun experimental ground for you to practice your seduction skills. You know why?

Step By Step Seduction Method Revealed and It Works. Here's Why.


Because your ex is someone who shares history with you. They fell in love with you once (in other words they were seduced by you whether or not you meant to do it), and in all likelihood the feelings are still there if buried under all the problems you both had as a couple. (Is he emotionally unavailable or did your anxiety push him away?)

In fact it's easier to seduce an ex to want you bad than a new person for the reason I mentioned above. All you need to do is to forego those needy vibes and be someone who's so totally absorbed to enjoying life being in one's own body.

You need to be bold, adventurous and exciting. And you need to possess that could-care-less flair. This will drive your ex crazy over you and that's how they're falling in love with you all over again.  Seduce him with your feminine mystique.

In fact my clients/book readers practice what I suggest and they have their exes back and not only that, they also get them to commit!  They lean back and move on.  By being emotionally free they become so attractive to their exes.  Leaning back is extremely seductive and feminine, it creates an invitation without resistance.  

Here is a resource you can benefit from to ease the path of your reconciliation.

First, Gain A New Skill

Why? What does it have to do with ex-seduction?


When you were dumped, your self-esteem hit rock bottom. You need a lot of time and processing to get back where you were before the breakup, and that often didn't say much because you were perhaps plagued with low self-esteem to begin with -and that's why you broke up in the first place. One quick way of regaining self-esteem is learning a new skill and applying it with tangible/measurable results.

Three Steps To Make Him Addicted To You

The whole process of learning is also a very positive and soothing distraction. When your brain rarely shuts down and chatters 24/7 about your ex, the few hours spent worrying about other things are really so very precious and addictive.

The more you learn, the more you see results, the more you cultivate self-love and the less you care about your ex.

That's the most productive and effective way of "getting over" an ex, hands down.

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