3 Ways To Play Hard-To-Get Like An Adult


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New study confirms playing hard-to-get really works.

Remember those childhood days on the playground when boys were meanest to the girls they liked most? Or in high school when you would ignore Mr. Popular to get his attention? Well, it turns out we were onto something.

A recent study published in the European Journal of Personality reveals that playing hard-to-get is the best method of attraction among college students ... but what about adults?


As a 30 year old woman, I must admit feeling slightly silly playing games to garner someone's attention. There are, however, certain strategies that even us grown-ups can use to attract the opposite sex. Here are three no-fail tactics that will work at any age:

1. Be busy. When Mr. Crush finally asks you out, don't say, "anytime that works for you." Now, I am not saying you should fabricate a packed schedule, but the busier you are with hobbies, interests and personal relationships, the more appealing you become.

2. Be open. Even when you meet Mr. Wonderful, stay available to other possibilities. I once made the mistake of limiting my options to Mr. Too-Good-To-Be-True after only two dates. Smitten, I turned down other first date offers and cleared my weekend calendar for someone who turned out was not ready for commitment. This disappointing story (detailed further in my blog) was the wake-up call I needed to keep my options open.

3. Be yourself. Once you are in a committed relationship, avoid losing yourself in your partner's interests. Don't ditch your monthly girls night to stay in with your new boyfriend. Rather, let him miss you while you are out having fun. He fell for the independent, vibrant, busy you, so keep him interested while remaining interesting yourself.

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