8 Reasons Why We Can't Resist Bad Boys


8 Reasons Why We Can't Resist Bad Boys [EXPERT]
Are you a sucker for a bad boy? Find out why.

We've all been there. You're out with your friends, having a good time, hoping to finally meet that nice, honest, trustworthy, stable guy that meets all of the requirements on your list; the guy who will get you to the little house with the white picket fence and the play structure in the backyard. That place you know you want to be. But while Mr. Nice is walking right by you, your head turns towards that other guy that just walked in.

You know who I'm talking about. He's got that confident swagger that means he knows he's got it going on, he knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it. He's got that look that says he really doesn't care much about how he looks, because he always looks good and doesn't even need to try. And he's got that, well, something about him that's just so, well … hot. And all the girls are checking him out.


Then he casually glances your way and he sees you. And your heart starts fluttering, and you know he's not what you're really looking for, but, oh, he's so sexy. And it all happens so fast that you don't even know what happened, but, oh, it's so good.

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A few days of whirlwind romance later, he's telling you that he'll see you in a few weeks, after he's back from surfing in Bali with his buddies (he's not tied down by a job.) He's not sure exactly when it will be, but he'll call you. You rationalize it, telling yourself that it's OK, he's allowed some time with his friends…but it sure seems like a long time…and why don't they have cell service in Bali, again? That's when you realize it's happened again. You've fallen for a bad boy.

So, what is it that makes us fall for these guys that aren't going to get us to the relationship we know we want? Well, there are eight reasons:

1. He's ultra-confident. Bad boys don't show even a hint of desperation. In fact, these guys know that if you're not interested, it's no big deal because they have tons of women that want them. And that makes us want them even more. The problem is that they're not afraid to let you know that you're no big deal to them, if not in their words, then in their actions.

Find a guy who's confident and comfortable in his own skin, but also genuinely caring and compassionate. If you don't have the latter, you'll be heading for hurtsville. 4 Signs Your First Date Should Be Your Last

2. He's very masculine. He's buff, and looks like he works on his great bod for several hours a day. We all like to be literally swept off our feet, and the bad boy has the muscles to do it. We also know that he'll protect us when we're suddenly caught in that street fight after a romantic evening downtown (because that actually happens, right?) So who doesn't like a strong guy with a great body?

Well, while it may be great to look at and feel against our own soft, feminine form, the over-enthusiastic body builder can also be vain, self-centered and a perfectionist. Since he's so into his own looks, he may also expect perfection out of you, and will most likely drop you as fast as he swept you up at the first sign of a few extra pounds. Go for a guy that leads a healthy lifestyle but isn't obsessed with his body.

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To get started on your own personal journey to true love, download Jane's complimentary guide "Find Your True Love: 10 Simple Steps to Getting the Love You Want...and Deserve"

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