Fall Romance: 5 Tips On Surviving Cuffing Season


Fall Romance: 5 Tips On Surviving Cuffing Season
5 tips on turning a Fall romance into a long-term relationship.

So here we are again… Every year during the transition into the fall season, you start to notice a major shift in the dating scene.  People start approaching you more for dates, you start getting “Hey Stranger” messages from old flings and you find that men seem a little more open to the idea of the exclusivity of dating than they were during the spring and summer months.  Ladies and gentlemen, it is officially “Cuffing Season.”

You may or may not be familiar with the cuffing cycle so let me break it down for you:


(Hand) Cuffing Season usually runs from Labor day and continues through Halloween. This is the period where most singles, mostly men, come to the realization that they do not want to be alone during the holiday season .They realize that they would like to have a cuddle buddy to either:

A) Keep them warm as the weather gets colder (SEX).
B) A trophy to show off at family, career or friendly gatherings. This is how we avoid the uncomfortable “when are you going to settle down?” conversations with their peers.

As a result, they become a little more concentrated on finding someone to play this part in their lives and they put in some major effort to ensure they get it.

Upon first glance, it doesn’t seem like a bad option and in reality it’s not. We all have needs and the idea of finding that ideal cuff can be viable solution. I do have to warn you though, these relationships typically have a 5-7 month shelf life.

As soon as Spring comes around, singles start to think about the summer. Vacations, parties, plans with buddies start to come into play and various ideas of all the fun to be had takes priority over being in a relationship. Then comes the famous prelude to the conversation we all hate “We need to talk.”

Not all relationships birthed from cuffing season fail. There is potential for this extended booty call to become something long-term, if you play your cards right.

Here are my top tips on surviving cuffing season and making it work for you.

1. Get Your Mind Right
Anytime you date, you always want to have an idea of what it is you want to gain from the experience. You want to have a clear goal in mind so you can conduct yourself accordingly. This opens your mind up to the opportunity and makes it a little easier for you to get what it is you are after. Whether your needs are for casual companionship or long-term exclusivity, you should make sure your mind and your actions compliment your desired outcome.

This means: if you are looking for something casual, be upfront about it and don’t lead the person on. Or if you are looking for something long-term, don’t entertain a sex buddy (or buddies). Going From Friends-With-Benefits To Boyfriend [VIDEO]

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