Ten Things to Appreciate about Men


Ten Things to Appreciate about Men
This article is dedicated to the men. We truly appreciate you!

One of the things that definitely has changed and is changing my mind set in life, is staying in a state of appreciation. Appreciation for the NOW!  Whatever is happening right now is perfect!  There’s some – thing in every-thing to appreciate, if you are actually committed to appreciate rather than desecrate or destroy!

We women, have the tendency…, on occasion…, to do just that - desecrate, destroy, kill, smother, blow up, cast out, curse out, put out, or just “out” the men in our lives.  I am sure men reading this can recall a time or two when they have been all kinds of bastards, m*th*r f*ck*rs, sons a b*tches, etc. by a woman, or gaggle of women, who just thought you were a piece of trash over something you did or didn’t do, the way she wanted it done, when she wanted it done.


So for all the men out there, I want to dedicate this article to you.  I want to let you know that at least one woman out there appreciates you for just being a man.  That’s right!  I simply want to acknowledge all of the people on the planet with a Y chromosome, for having the good fortune to be born with something dangling between their legs.  So let’s start there shall we?

1) Appreciate a man’s penis.  I had a woman in one of my seminars recently.  I always start by asking women what they appreciate about men.  It puts their minds and hearts in a receptive place concerning men and opens them to the possibility that men are actually great!  And men are really great!  This particular women volunteers and starts off by saying she appreciates “the penis.”  Well of all the responses I was expecting, that one blew me away – no pun intended.  And what was so great about it is that every other woman nodded their head.  We all appreciated the penis.  No one made any comments about size, shape, color, prowess in the utilization of the penis.  They simply appreciated “the penis”.  It was great!  It was one of the few times, I’ve been around women where size didn’t matter.  It was a statement of fact.  We women, appreciate “the penis”. 

2) Appreciate being taken care of by a man.  I appreciate it when I am in need of something to be done – anything from getting my car fixed to a kind word – he does it.  He doesn’t wait to be asked, he just steps in and handles it.  I love that!  It’s an amazing feeling to be cared for by a man.  Whether he’s my father, a friend, or lover.  Nothing beats being taken care of by a man who steps in and steps up and does what is needed when it is needed.

3) Appreciate the strength of a man. I love it when a strong man holds me, catches me, lifts me.  I love when he lifts things or moves things that are just too heavy for me.  When he holds things up, or takes care of things that would make me break a sweat and he can lift them with one hand.  I love it when he opens jars, tears open boxes, carries bags, or carries me.  I love the strength of a man.

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