The Healing Power of Love: Pay Attention!


The Healing Power of Love: Pay Attention!
Unlocking the healing power of love is simply finding your way back home by opening to love.

Love is attention. The more you love someone or something, the closer attention you pay to it.  When you’re all the way “In Love,” you give all your attention to your beloved.  That moment of ecstasy when you come to know True, Unconditional Love can be experienced while watching a magnificent sunset, listening to music, dancing, making love. At these times, you're all there, and fully in the moment. You have let go of all distractions.  You're one with your experience.  You're whole and complete.  You're in Love.

We all hunger deeply to know/ remember this state of bliss, freedom, and peace.  But we become separated from this, our True Nature. We can then spend a lifetime trying to find our way back Home

When you separate from your True Nature, you disconnect with the natural state of ease and become dis-eased.  The dis-ease starts on a spiritual level. The first separation is the development of an ego or “I”. This is the belief that you're separate from others and the world around you. The gap widens further and filters down through the deep mental level, on which belief systems form, into the emotional realm which manifests in the suppression of feelings, and into energy bodies. Finally, this energy crystallizes in the physical body. When the dis-ease is expressed in physical symptoms is the time most of us finally start paying attention.

At this point, the question is not if, but rather how are you going to pay attention to the dis-ease?  The body/mind shouts and screams at you to pay attention to it.  Do you suppress the screams or medicate them into a temporary oblivion?  Or do you really pay attention to the signals sent by the body/mind?  Do you really take the time to listen closely and examine the desperate message that your body/mind is trying to convey?

If you choose the latter course, healing can occur.  The word “heal” comes from the root word that means “to make whole.”  By becoming aware of what you have split off from, you heal and make whole the dis-ease on all levels of your being.  This movement into and re-joining with, is love.  It is both the process and act of love. It is love itself. 

Each one of us exists somewhere on a continuum between love: ease/health and fear: dis-ease.  Far stronger than fear, love is the strongest force in the fabric of the Universe.  By loving, which involves paying close attention to our fear/dis-ease, the fear/dis-ease transforms into love/ease.  That is the healing power of love.

The process is simply, but not easily, being more and more and more closely attentive to what is going on in deeper and deeper layers of oneself.  It takes time, perseverance, and courage.  And the rewards are Self-Love, Self-Knowledge, and the Healing we truly long for.

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