Rapid Fat Loss: Your Key To A Smokin' Hot Bikini Bod


Rapid Fat Loss: Your Key To A Smokin' Hot Bikini Bod [EXPERT]
Build your summer body using a rapid fat loss program.

You can build your summer body at a faster rate using a rapid fat loss program. Don't confuse rapid fat loss with a quick weight loss program or fad diet. Fat loss will leave you healthier. Quick weight loss through severe calorie restriction will be regained (when you begin to eat normally again). Since you are burning fat at a faster rate, your workouts will be tougher and you will need to comply with a healthy, managed meal plan.

Until you get a handle on what and when to eat, keep a food journal to learn how to manage your eating. Research has proven that you will have a better chance of succeeding with your nutrition plan and fat loss if you keep a food journal. By logging your actual food choices, you are holding yourself accountable throughout the day. It helps you plan better too. Food Journaling: Weight Loss Success


Keep in mind that rapid fat loss is just the beginning kick-start to your long-term exercise program. You aren't just building a body for the summer...you will be building a lean body for life. You will continue to workout, burn fat and lose weight after the short (two weeks or less) rapid fat loss period.

How To Burn Fat And Keep The Weight Off:

Note: The more you weigh, the faster your metabolism will be. This happens because your body must work harder to maintain itself. That is also why it is easier to lose weight in the beginning of a fat loss/weight loss program. Your metabolism is running so high that a moderate caloric deficit will result in quick weight losses.

You could lose 6-10 pounds of weight and 1% to 2% body fat the first week. As time goes on, it is safe (and typical) to lose about 2 pounds a week. If you can burn .5% to 1% body fat in one week, that is great progress. A person who has been inactive for a long period can experience similar early successes as the overweight or obese person. You can't transform your body without significant fat loss. Fat loss will make your body more healthy and beautiful (lean). Fat loss will also lead to lasting weight loss. In other words, a body composition change—less fat, more lean mass—is the key to permanent weight loss. Help! I'm Obsessed With My Weight

Increase your muscle mass with regular strength training to burn fat and permanently speed up your metabolism. Your body has to work harder to maintain muscle mass. You will become leaner because muscle takes up less space than fat. You can't rush the process of building a lean body. Make a habit of checking your body fat percentage on a weekly basis. If your body is shrinking (lost fat and inches), you are on the way to building your lean body.

A lean body will give you the best chance to live a long, healthier life. 10 Health And Beauty Benefits Of Being In Love

In a study led by Eric J. Jacobs, PhD, American Cancer Society strategic director, Pharmacoepidemiology, researchers examined the association between waist circumference and the risk of death among 48,500 men and 56,343 women age 50 and older who had taken part in the Cancer Prevention Study II Nutrition Cohort, a subset of the larger Cancer Prevention Study II (CPS-II).

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