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"It's time for women and men o feel comfortable and confident in their bodies. How you think, feel and see yourself is an "inside job". - Bonnie ...

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Bonnie Gayle – Founder and Co-Creator of Sex Butter

Bonnie Gayle is becoming synonymous with terms like “women’s empowerment” and “body liberation.” After co-creating Sex Butter, a blend of essential oils used to lubricate and enhance sexual pleasure, while empowering and healing women and couples, her true mission came alive: “Love the body you are in and it will love you back! We all have our ‘sweet spot’ and that part of our body we love – connect into that part of you and feel yourself like never before.”

Bonnie’s know-how on sensitive subjects like body image and sensuality stems from her own personal journey - a past filled with traumatic sexual experiences that led to an eating disorder. Bonnie found herself coping in all sorts of unhealthy ways, including promiscuity, withdrawal, and self-deprecation. After overcoming her eating disorder and body image issues, Bonnie successfully sponsored and mentored hundreds of women with these issues.

Professionally, Bonnie began her own accounting practice at 29, which continues to flourish today. At 41, personal disaster struck due to early perimenopause. The pain and the sexual shutdown of her body in her prime sent Bonnie on a quest to find something that didn’t exist; a healthy product to sooth the dryness and pain and help her feel sexually empowered again…hence, the inspiration for the creation of Sex Butter. The passion and dedication infused in Sex Butter is what sets it apart from anything out on the market today.

Today, Bonnie spreads her message of women’s sexual empowerment and body liberation through speaking, blogging, video, and other empowering products. She is a member of a number of organizations promoting powerful, successful women, such as the National Association of Professional Women; Cambridge’s Who’s Who; Savor the Success; WooHoo Women; Goddess Collective; and LA, Tribal Truth.

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