There Are Now Custom-Made Jeans For Men With Big Dicks

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Extra crotch space, of course.

Your man probably likes to brag about how big his junk is. He may or may not be blowing smoke. However, if he really is well endowed — congrats, by the way — we'd hate to see his jewels being constricted by too-tight jeans.

The latest news is that for men who that feel like jeans options out there are either dad jeans or involve a chokehold on their crotch (and aren't just suffering from delusions of grandeur), there's a jeans line out now for "the well-endowed gentleman."

Does the well-endowed gentleman deserve their own custom slim-fit jeans made to have extra room for their crotch? Maybe. Do women with fuller bosoms need special cuts of bras that work for them?

Mugsy Jeans founder Leo Tropeano agrees. He had the idea for Mugsy Jeans back in 2012 after he graduated from college.

"Being in the real world, I knew I had to take my appearance more seriously. Up to that point, I'd been wearing the standard, baggy jeans you see on so many guys. But after trying on countless slim fits, I still couldn't find anything I liked that didn't feel like it had a vice grip on my crotch. It wasn't until I vented to a few buddies that I realized I wasn't alone, so I set out to fix the problem myself," he says.

Besides being uncomfortable, according to studies, jeans that are too tight can also cause bladder problems and twisted testicles.

"Mugsy Jeans are made from a completely custom 11oz. Cotton/Poly/Spandex/Rayon blend. The FLx™ line offers the perfect amount of breathability, durability, warp resistance, softness and comfort, all while maintaining that classic denim look and feel. Coupled with the Mugsy signature slim fit, our FLx™ line are the all around best looking, most comfortable men's jeans out there," says Tropeano.

In other words, they stretch with their wearer's girth, rather than constricting.

The jeans, which come in four shades and run from waist sizes 29 to 38, cost $98 each. That all sounds great and scientific, but is it something men actually need? Maybe. It's not like we like our boobs to be crushed in ill-fitting bras.



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