10 Moving Quotes From An Insta-Poet Who Knows All About Life & Love

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This is what happens when reality and poetry collide.

As much as everyone loves a good poem, there is always a poet behind the magic. We read the poems, we laugh, we cry, we rejoice with happiness, we get sad. That's the beauty of poetry. It's meant to bring forth any emotions that we thought we'd lost or got rid of.

Natalie Jensen knows the feeling all too well, as she has a growing audience of 29,000 followers and counting and never puts down the pen when it comes to her emotions. She writes with her heart and soul in hopes others feel the same way.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to speak with the poet herself and here's what she had to say...

Q: How did you get started?

NJ: My dad passed away when I was 12 years old. I didn't really have anyone to share my feelings with, so I began to journal. Writing was the only way I could express the pain and emotion that was brewing inside of me. I grew to love words and that love morphed into something I needed to do. Writing saved me in so many ways.

Q: How does a poem begin for you?

NJ: A piece will sometimes begin with a word or a thought. Many times, ideas will spring into my head while I am driving. I have a poor memory so if I don't pull over and jot it down, odds are I will forget.

Q: Where do you draw your inspirations for your writing?

NJ: I am inspired by so many things; conversations, daydreams, music, nature, relationships and just words themselves! Truly, nothing is off limits to me. My mood seriously drives my writing and that is a broad spectrum.

Q: If you've ever come across writer's block, what conditions help you overcome it?

NJ: I do hit writer's block from time to time. I find myself having conversations with friends or writing with friends who are also writers which sometimes helps. The thing about writing is that it can't be forced. It's a feeling. If it doesn't come from the depths of me, if the words don't burn the page, then I'd rather have writer's block

Q: What is the best advice to give to aspiring poets/writers out there?

NJ: Well, I don't know that I am one to be giving advice, but I would just say to be true to yourself. Write what you feel, what's in your heart. Some people will like your work and some won't, but you can't let that stop you from expressing yourself. I never starting writing intending to share my work, but once I did I found that people connected with it. Many people told me that my words helped them. If you decide to share your work, you may touch someone's life and if you have such a power, in the end, isn't that a beautiful gift to give

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On your first love.
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In this life he will be my hardest thing. My furthest fall, my deepest love. My knock down, drag out, passionate fighter. He's my 3 am drunken night text regret. He's the one I'll compare every an to. My most brutal goodbye, my eternal muse. —Natalie Jensen

On reminiscing.
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I dare not beseech you to stay, follow your will. And I, I will tend to the infection of you. —Natalie Jensen

On dreaming and wishing.
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He began to tell me about the things he dreamed of; and the way his eyes looked when he spoke made me wish I was on that list. —Natalie Jensen

On absent feelings.
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My body feels painfully bare without your hands on me. My bones ache in my skin, I can almost feel them dry and splinter; Drought for your touch. —Natalie Jensen

On love.
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I remember the first time he kissed me as if it were yesterday. He held my chin and studied my mouth. My breathing slowed. I was entranced; watching his eyes and the way he looked at me. across my bottom lip as his slowly parted. And then he stole any breath I had left when he kissed me. —Natalie Jensen

On not being able to move on.
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I hate how your voice replays in my head in times of silence. I hate how you invade my dreams each night when I close my eyes. I hate how you are the first person I want to talk to each day. But most of all, I hate how I feel like I need you, knowing full well you don't need me at all. —Natalie Jensen

On growing up.
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It is cruel irony; Most times our greatest strengths are birthed from our darkest days. —Natalie Jensen

On old memories.
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I keep his sweet words like old love letters; tied up in ribbons in the back of my mind. —Natalie Jensen

On heartbreaking reality.
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I was so drawn to you. I felt as if I was meant to find you, but there's something so uneasy about you & me. So, if you look ahead into your life and not seeing me doesn't break your heart, then I must have been meant to lose you. —Natalie Jensen

On that special someone.
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His name rolled off my tongue like smooth smoky whiskey gliding down my throat; and the sting was just as sweet. —Natalie Jensen