6 Truly DISGUSTING Things That Happen When You Lick His Balls

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OH, the things we do for love.

As much as you may love his penis, you probably have iffy feelings toward his balls. Why? They are kind of... odd-looking.

The testicles, that sack that looks like two ping pong balls at the base of his penis, are a confusing element. These are the part of his body responsible for his sex drive and his sperm, meaning we either love or hate this part.

But testicles are also awkward, weird-looking, are often hairy, or smell like armpit sweat. Or all of the above. And while he may groom up for you pre-blowjob (if he's polite), he probably won't bother to make sure his area is clean and nice-smelling... unless you have a really considerate guy.

Our ultimate judgment: If he's just a hookup, don't bother. If he's worth the investment (and treats you pretty great), then learn to love those balls and the whole package. He's worth it. Here are six disgusting things that can happen when you lick his balls.

1. You discover his ball region is an overgrown jungle.


If your man's balls are buried under a furry forest, you might be put off from providing the twins with any loving attention from your lips.

"It's understandable! Who wants a mouthful of pubes? Avoid teabagging until he's all trimmed up. To suggest he gets a clue about man-grooming, tell him you're up for a sexy 'you groom me/I'll groom you' session in the shower. Mention you're excited to taste him afterwards, and then enjoy the (cleaned up!) fruits of your labor," says sex expert Dana Myers.

Do this once, and he'll get the hint. He should stay trimmed up on his own account.

2. You taste sweaty balls.

Licking balls can be extremely pleasurable for him, but it can become disgusting for the giver if he hasn't washed fully.

"Most men give the common courtesy of washing their penises before receiving a BJ, but some can forget to wash well under the ball sack. It's so disgusting to taste sweaty 'fruit of the looms' residue in your mouth when you're working on giving him the best happy ending of his life," says sex expert Tyomi Morgan.

3. The smell can irritate your sinuses.


Even if the pubes have been trimmed and he's showered, balls do sometimes have a peculiar sweaty, musty essence to them, kind of reminiscent to underarms after a pretty intense workout.

4. His stubble breaks your skin.

OK, fine, he manscaped. That's awesome. Except... then there's ball stubble, and that's even worse. We imagine it's not great for them either, having these two super-sensitive sacks, that are now irritated from shaving or waxing, rubbing against each other. But we really don't want it rubbing against our face, either.

5. He may not even enjoy it.


You could be going through all this effort for nothing. The balls are super-sensitive and it's really easy to hurt them if you go about it the wrong way, which can easily happen if you start sucking or licking down there. Make sure it's something he's into or you both may be going through all this for nothing.

6. Balls just aren't attractive to look at.

They are kind of hairy and wrinkly, and they just... hang there.



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