8 Things No Woman Should EVER Wait For A Man To Do

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Ladies, just buy your own monogrammed towels.

Many a single woman falls into the trap of waiting around for a man to escort her through life. Can we all agree to stop doing that? Yes? Good. To rev that life-lovin' engine up, we've compiled a list of Very Important Things you should wait for no man, fellow, gentleman, or lad to do. (And if you're better with company? Call us - we make great BFFs.)


Everyone knows diamonds are a girl's best friend, but why wait around for a man to drop a knee? As our girl Bey says: "The rock I'm rocking? I bought it." BONUS: There's a 100% success rate of you liking said diamond (or emerald or ruby) since, well, you purchased it.

Why wait around for a travel partner when you've got two strong legs of your own? Vacationing solo is one of the most empowering things a girl can do for herself. So get thee to Bali or Greece or Nepal ASAP. Your schedule, your pace, your budget. Plus, you don't have to fake being interested in that super-weird modern art structure just because your partner is. And that's what we call a TRUE vaca.

Or date your girlfriends. They're nice-lookin', too. Get yourself all dressed up, hit the hottest new restaurant in town, and order whatever the heck you want without worrying about whether you're dribbling salad dressing on your skirt or that you ordered an entree that was too expensive. When you're done with that, take yourself to the movies or to eat ice cream and indulge in every last bite because HOORAY for you: You're not sharing with anyone.

San Francisco tickle your fancy? Or maybe you've always had a unexplainable pull toward Des Moines? Wherever you want to go, GO. Just do it. This is your one and only life, so take a page from the Mary Tyler Moore Show and throw that red beret in the air because you, too, are going to make it after all. (And if you don't make it? Remember this: You can always move back.)

Post-college, a single girl's cabinets are mostly filled with random dishes (none of which match), a few paltry condiments, and thin towels. Not exactly Martha Stewart Living. So escort thyself (sans future husband) to Crate And Barrel and start scanning items to your wishlist. Sure, it's nice when other people buy expensive napkin rings *for* you but trust us, the price of a wedding is cost-neutral anyway. (And perkity-perk: you never have to give in to anyone else's heinous taste!)

If you're waiting around for your married initials to present themselves, stop. If want to tattoo your name or initials on your bathrobe, shower curtain, compact mirror, or your dog, the pleasure's all yours. If and when you become a Mrs and Mr, buy new towels. Or a new dog. Pretty simple, people.

Does your "family" have furry paws and diva attitude toward dry food? PURR-fect. That's your family. Hire a photographer and celebrate the personalities who are in your lives at this very moment, not the people who aren't. (Roomates, super-tight co-workers, and your guinea pig all count as family. So does your mom.)

Because leave it to a man and you'll end up with a skimpy, feather-trimmed santa suit. (Okay, that was a gross over-generalization and we apologize.) But seriously, if you're going to drop major cash on a piece of cloth that only burrows its way out your the closet once a month (or year, or two years), you might as well as invest in a classic piece that makes you feel like the seductress you are. (If you're feeling extra-fancy, schedule a boudoir shoot wearing said lingerie. You'll cherish those pictures later.)



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