How To Hook The Guy You Have Your Eye On

couple in love

Hook, line and sinker.

According to A New Mode's Eric Charles, men most desire women who bring out the best in them. And it's no easy feat to be this woman!

Charles says that women go wrong when they lose focus — rather than concentrating on the man's experience, many women will instead fret over their own desires and fears. So stop obsessing, girl, and think about what the man's feeling!

In order to penetrate the deepest parts of a man's psyche (sounds so mysterious!), she has to go beyond the usual (i.e., cooking dinner, telling him how much she likes him). And once she does, that man'll move moutnains for her.

Here are four ways to acquire that level of commitment

1. Understand: Choice is Everything
Who you choose is definitely the MOST important factor in all relationships.  So one of the best ways to make a guy commit is to get really good at understanding the reality of relationships, love, and this particular guy.

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