7 Genius Ways To Prevent Yourself From Contacting Your Ex

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Get your ex out of your life with these heartbreak hacks for Facebook, the internet and your phone.

It’s the first, and definitely worst hurdle of any breakup — the "no contact" rule.

Sure, at first it's tolerable. Your girl friends swoop in to surround you with comfort food and pep talks. But when girls' night is over and you're sitting in your apartment alone, that first hour of silence can be stifling.

So you log on to Facebook for some innocent late night stalking, and then in one status or one tagged photo, he's popped back into your life (cue the unwanted flood of bittersweet memories). Ugh.

You just want your ex out of your life! Out of sight, out of mind, right? It's easy to give into temptation and text or call, begging him to come back.

Here are seven heartbreak hacks including apps, plugins and other genius gimmicks to check yourself before you hit "send."

Through Facebook

1. KillSwitch: Stop creeping on him over Facebook! Launched on Valentine's day of last year (oh, the irony), this deadly-named app is a program that removes all traces of your ex from Facebook with a single click. That means photos, posts, etc. This is a last resort go-to ex blocker, because once it's done, you lose everything and anything your ex was tagged in (making it awkward if you had mutual friends). But the nice thing is at least someone benefits from your heartbreak — KillSwitch donates part of their proceeds to the American Heart Association.

2. Eternal SunshineLooking for something a little less intense? No doubt inspired by the Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet movie, this Facebook extension removes updates from your news feed without having to dramatically defriend your ex. This is more advanced than Facebook's "hide" feature as it completely removing him from all aspects of your Facebook. (So that means no more awkward friend suggestions.) Consider it a clean digital slate.

Through Your Phone

3. DrunkDialYou've been neglecting it, but it needs to be done: deleting your ex's number from your phone. To deter you from answering those late night booty calls, this app forces you pass a test of timed math problems before it allows you to phone your ex. Say goodbye to regrettable last-night texts!

4. Designated DialerThis does the trick on nights when five gin martinis take precedence over dinner. The app lets you set a list of contacts not to call, and if you do try, you are redirected to a patronizing toll-free number. When you're sober, you can unlock those numbers with a coordination test.

Through Email

5. Set up a mail filter: There's probably nothing worse than checking your inbox just to see a surprise email from your ex asking when he can come by and pick up his last box of stuff (cue, heart drop). Almost all major services give you the option to opt-out of emails from a specific address. In Gmail, you can block your ex by filtering emails. Open a message from your ex and click "more" in the right-hand corner to drop open options. From there, you can select to filter out your ex. That way, you still receive your ex's messages (in the event of an emergency), but they don't flood your inbox.

Through The Internet

6. Block Your ExIs the sound of your ex still calling your name? It's time to unleash the big guns. This browser-based plugin shuts down their twitter, facebook and blog accounts all in one digital clean sweep. Best of all, it can be customized for up to five exes, hiding all trace of them from your corner of the web.

Through Your Friends

7. Ex Lover BlockerThey made you promise not to call him back and this handy little app is the perfect hack to keep you honest. If you try to phone your ex, the Portuguese app alerts three of your friends (who should then rush to your side or at least bombard you with "don't do it!" texts and calls). Keep at it and the app publicly shames you over Facebook. Harsh Yes, but effective? You bet.

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