Gettin' Steamy: The Art Of Showering Together

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showering together
Slipping and sliding are for amateurs. Here's how to gracefully do a shower for two.

Nothing dials up the romance like a change of scenery, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to leave home. Your next sexy getaway is as close as your bathroom shower. Read on for a look at the good, the bad, and the slippery — and 12 tips for safe and steamy couples' showering.

DO: Prep the bathroom for romance.


Before you get naked, it's time to bring sexy back ... to your bathroom. If sexy was ever there to begin with, that is. Prep your lavatory for some lovin' by cleaning the shower and putting away any shampoos, soap, and other items you're not going to use with your partner. Because nothing kills the mood like accidentally sitting on your razor during a sensual scrub down. Then stock the shower with goodies to pamper your partner — soft washcloths, a loofah, invigorating body wash and shampoo — and plenty of extra towels. For safety's sake, you might also want to add a non-slip mat to the shower floor. Slipping and sliding have their place; this is not it.

Now consider the rest of the bathroom's ambience. Fluorescent lighting and bathroom smells (yes, we went there) aren't typically considered aphrodisiacs. So tidy up, play soft music and light some scented candles. And if privacy's an issue, make sure the door locks — or you're setting yourself up for a major buzz kill. We partnered up with Durex to make sure you got only the top do's and don'ts to make sure your next shower is as sexy as possible!

DO: Get "dirty" … if you want.

Maybe you want hard, fast "balls-to-the-stalls" shower sex. Maybe you're looking for a slow, gentle massage. Or maybe you're going for a combo. The most important thing to remember: Enjoy yourself and your partner. "The shared shower is an erotic opportunity," says YourTango Expert Pamela Madsen, a sex and intimacy coach and founder of the Back to the Body sensuous retreat for women. "It gives you access to places you can't normally reach in bed. So take full advantage and find sexiness in all the corners of the body, however you want."

DON'T: Start out actually dirty.

Showering together is a chance for you and your partner to explore each other's bodies more thoroughly than usual. But it's not the time for body hair removal, pore extractions, or any other meticulous personal grooming — on you or your partner. Tend to all that before you bathe together. (Unless you're into that sort of thing...)

DO: Take advantage of bath accessories.

Oh, the magical things a showerhead — and washcloth and tingly body wash — can do! In the shower, you and your partner have a number of sensual tools at your disposal. Experiment with different water temperatures and showerhead settings. For some extra splish splash, add lube and a waterproof sex toy to the mix. Just make sure to share the showerhead, if you have only one. (And thank your lucky stars if you have two.)

DON'T: Loofah your hoo-ha.

Couples can do some pretty dangerous things in the heat of the moment. Remember: Just because a soap or body wash feels good on the rest of your body doesn't mean it's okay to put on private parts. You wouldn't use a rubber ducky as a condom. So don't even think about using hair conditioner or body wash as lube.

DO: Take your time.

You're lathering your partner up so slowly it's driving him wild. Now what? Try doing it even slower, Madsen advises. "Think of how geishas used to erotically bathe men. Take this time to be a giver." To that end, make sure you have the time it takes to have a fulfilling experience. You won't get as much out of a couples' shower if you've got to be at work in 15 minutes, or the kids are banging on the bathroom door because they have to potty.

DON'T: Make it a marathon.

Eventually you will run out of hot water. And hands aren't the only body parts that get prune-y. Keep reading…

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