Just Live, Love & Be Yourself: Love Quotes By Charles J. Orlando


Charles' street-smart approach to love is exactly what you need.

Charles J. Orlando knows women and he's committed to making them realize their self-worth.

As a bestselling author and expert on YourTango, he's spent the last ten years connecting with thousands of people to answer this key question: What do women and men truly want from their significant others in a long-term relationship?

What sets Charles apart from other relationship experts out in the field is his street-smart love advice. In his book, The Problem With Women ... Is Men, Charles talks about his journey from being a womanizer to becoming an advocate for empowering women everywhere. (So you could say that he still loves women — just in a very different way.) Now, he's taking the lessons he's learned in his own relationships and using it to empower women and explain to men (maybe once and for all) what the ladies are looking for in a man. So without further ado, here are some of his all-time best love quotes in ecards.



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