Dating Horror Story: He Wanted To Watch Me Get A Brazilian Wax

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Did he just want to see me writhing in pain?

Ah, men and their need to see, have or taste a hairless vagina. I realize this isn't so for every man out there, and many actually enjoy pubic hair, but when you do run into one that doesn't care for it, not even a landing strip is bald enough. They want it bald, bald, bald. And some of them would like to have a hand in making it bald for you.

About two months into my relationship with B, he started sharing his desire to see me get a Brazilian wax. Of course, this was never going to happen. Not only are guests not welcome in the waxing room, but I wasn't about to have anyone outside of my beloved waxer see me writhe in such pain as I did everything within my power not to scream out something bizarre or obscene. B, however, was not dissuaded by this fact...

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Written by Amanda Chatel for The Gloss.

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