50 Best Summer Date Ideas

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Got a date? Here's what to eat, drink, see, hear, go and do!

Ah, summer. The longest, warmest days of the year means the cold-weather date options you've subjected yourself to all winter just won't do (we're looking at you cozy wine bars!). Summer means great weather, tons of time spent outdoors and the shedding of layers. If your brain's still in winter mode, don't worry—YourTango's got you covered. We've collected 50 of the best summer date ideas to make sure every second of your summer romance is spent actually romancing your sweetheart, not hemming and hawing over plans.

We've picked our top 10 favorite date ideas in five different categories: music, movies, activities, food and cocktail trends, and day trips. From rooftop dining in New York City to getting out of town for a hike outside Chicago, we've targeted the best summer date suggestions across the country. Whether it's a first date or your four-year anniversary, these date ideas are sure to deliver the dose of summer fun you've been craving all the cold, dark winter long. 

50 Best Summer Date Ideas


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