Best Summer Date Ideas: Food & Drink Trends

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Tease and tempt your palate before you tease and tempt your man.

You're strolling hand-in-hand on the beach with your love, the sea salt gently misting through your hair, when suddenly, it happens. The two of you exchange looks, hungry with desire, then grab one another and say, "You wanna get something to eat?" 50 Best Summer Date Ideas

This summer, whether you want to cool off when things get steamy (try a paleta, a Mexican-style popsicle!), or heat things up (jalapeño cocktails, anyone?), YourTango is here to make sure your summer dates are filled with flavor. Taking you through some of summer's biggest food trends is New York-based culture vulture Elyssa Goodman, of the blog Booze blogger Diana Vilibert also shares two of her favorite summer sips! Grab your man and a fork and let's get started.

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