Best Summer Date Ideas: Movie Dates

Best Summer Date Ideas: Movie Dates
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'Two for the 9pm show, please': 10 summer date movies worth checking out.

The summer movie season isn't all about giant robots, super heroes, and making things go "BOOM" really loudly. There's also a little thing known as "counter-programming," where smaller, more intimate flicks vie for an audience's attention in the hopes of getting some of that blockbuster runoff. The big action tentpoles may get dudes into theaters, but it's the gentle jabs of their girlfriend's elbows that get them settling in for a nice, romantic date movie. 50 Best Summer Date Ideas

While many of these kinds of films carry the stigma of pandering solely to female viewers and their begrudging boyfriends, we've compiled an eclectic list of this summer's most promising date movies, with a little something for everyone.

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