How To Have The "I'm No Longer Attracted To You" Conversation


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Discussing attraction in a relationship is difficult, but experts say there is a right way to do it.
Ask any civilized man, and he'll tell you that when a woman asks, "Do I look fat in this?" there's only one answer: "No!" For extra points, he can add something incredulously supportive, like, "You? Never!" or "Are you kidding me?"
But what if the answer is "yes," and what if that "yes" is affecting your relationship? Whether you're a man or woman and whether you're on the giving or receiving end, it's a conversation no one wants to have. But sometimes it's necessary.
The Power of Attraction survey recently conducted by, YourTango and asked over 20,000 respondents questions about attraction and lack thereof. Turns out, 89 percent of men and women believe that attraction to a partner changes over time. But it's not all bad—though the I-want-rip-your-clothes-off-right-now feeling inevitibly fades, 90 percent of respondents said that it's possible to reignite attraction in a relationship, and 81 percent say they would do so talking about the relationship. Might telling the person you love that you're no longer physically attracted to him or her actually strengthen your relationship? Survey: 90% Of Americans Believe Attraction Can Be Rekindled
Tread softly with these steps for having the "l'm no longer attracted to you" conversation with your partner:

1. Figure out where you're coming from.

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