Another Relationship Saved, Thanks to Sex Life Coaching!


Below is the email I received from a recent client we'll call "Melissa," who is engaged to "Travis". She completed a package of only two talk-teach sex life coaching sessions. I followed up to see how she was doing with her fiance, with whom she'd been in a relationship with for the past 6 years or so and were on schedule to be married. Melissa's email made me so happy for her and for the positive impact this work has. Read on:

Hey Eric-
so sorry I didn't get back to you! I thought I sent a reply back to you, and as it turns out, it was saved as a draft in my cell. haha just to remedy that, I'm sending this via my computer so that won't happen again :)


Life is going well!! Things are crazy busy but my life feels more in order. Especially in the sex department. We're just more excited by each other. I'm happier with the way everythings working. I feel wanted again. I even noticed a change in other aspects of our relationship. Just the way we communicate is different. It's fantastic!

I'm hoping that once I get back my tax return that I could maybe sign up for a couple more sessions with you. I just have to see what I can realistically afford. I'm already kinda scraping all my money together to make ends meet nicely.

All that being said, I just want to thank you for all the information and help you've provided. When we first started talking I was pretty sure my relationship was going downhill fast and that there wasn't going to be much to help. All the previous discussions that happened between Travis and me about our sex life changed the whole dynamic of ourrelationship in a negative way.

Thankfully, its taken a dramatic turn for the best because of our sessions. The sessions, and definitely because of your blog entries too. I've enjoyed reading them so much. They made me fantasize the way where you see/hear/read something, and you think "wow that would be fantastic to do/try". Reading your entries had me crazy turned on and in turn, transferred into my bedroom.

I hope you're doing well, and I look forward to possibly getting more sessions and learning more from you :)

I was very pleased with how quickly these two made the transition from "meh..." to "amazing!" One thing among many that Melissa and I figured out together to help things was her belief structure that it is the guy's role to initiate sex fueled by her desire for him to "take her". I said there's no problem with that intention from him, but women can feel that for their men too. I gave her a scenario to do to surprise him and it worked perfectly. Later, she got her desire to be taken because she sparked the flame in him. Our culture does a great disservice to sex lives everywhere by narrowing things down too dramatically. A healthy, exciting sex life works way outside that tiny box.

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