Astrology Predicts Bad News For Will And Kate's Wedding Day

Astrology Predicts Bad News For Will And Kate's Wedding Day

Astrology Predicts Bad News For Will And Kate's Wedding Day

Prince William Kate Middleton
Astrology finds April 29 a poor choice for Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding day.

When you are born, astrology uses the placement of the stars to calculate your birthchart. This chart explains your personality, as well as the potentials and pitfalls you may face throughout your life.

Prince William was born with his Sun in Cancer, while Kate is a Capricorn. These two sun signs are opposites, making them a perfect astrological pairing. Opposite signs complement and complete each other, so it's as if Kate and William have found a missing bit of themselves in each other. William's kind, nurturing qualities mixes well with Kate's brings a soft pragmatism.

But did you know that events, just like people, have birth charts? When you get married, astrologers can use the time, date and place of your union to draw up the marriage's "birthchart." This chart will influence you throughout the course of your married life, well past your wedding date, no matter what your sign compatibility is with your partner. 


On April 29, 2011, Kate and Williams's wedding day, nearly all of the planets are in disharmonious positions, which could mean a married life filled with challenges and misunderstandings. They would have been better off waiting a month or two to wed under more harmonious skies. In fact, if Princess Diana were around today she never would have allowed the couple to wed on April 29. Diana used astrologers, and any good astrologer would have told Waity Katey that it may have been a good idea to wait just a wee bit longer. Is Kate Middleton Trying Too Hard To Be Princess Di?

So what, exactly, does astrology have to say for Kate and Will's wedding day and marriage? Read on!

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