What are Ben Wa Balls?


What are Ben Wa Balls?

I was introduced to Ben Wa Balls back in 2003… I have always liked going to the Adult Toy Stores with my guy and looking around for new stuff. I will admit that although I know what most of the toys in the store do, whenever I saw those little balls I was baffled.
So I decided to buy a set and then I got online and did a little research.

A really quick history of Ben Wa Balls
Ben Wa Balls originated in Japan around 500 AD and were originally used to give men a little extra pleasure during intercourse. You know we women are smart, so we realized that not only did men benefit from the extra sensations… we could benefit as well. The feeling of these free floating balls in the vagina caused women to become sexually aroused as well as other benefits.


Ben Wa Balls can be as small as regular marbles to about an inch in diameter. The balls the Japanese used were metal and had mercury inside them; the movement of the mercury caused tiny sensations in the vagina and with some women, this movement could bring them to orgasm. I have read stories of women holding Ben Wa balls in their vagina and doing housework, building their sexual arousal during the day for when their husbands came home from work. I also read that women would sit in and rock themselves to orgasm.

Ben Wa Balls Today
Today Ben Wa Balls are made of different types of materials… metal, plastic, latex, glass, even jade (of course mercury is no longer legal). It is important to pick balls that do not easily collect bacteria so I suggest metal or glass. Try to find balls that are hollow and weighted with smaller metal balls inside them; these balls move as you move causing your vaginal muscles to tighten due to the sensation.

Some women keep their Ben Wall Balls in for a few hours while others the entire day. Beginners should probably start out with small set of balls and graduate up to larger heavier ones. I suggest you use your balls at home before wearing them out in public. You don’t want to lose your balls in your pants at the office and put your self in an uncomfortable situation. J

What to do with your balls
Insert your balls into your vagina. You can use some lube if you want to help slide them in… but I doubt that you will need to. Once inside, they will feel no different than a tampon and within a few minutes, you will not feel them at all. Depending on the weight of your balls when you become active, you will feel the balls jiggle inside your vagina and possibly begin to slide down. I have never experienced the slide down feeling but I felt I should warn you just incase. The feeling of the balls is very slight, this slight movement of the inner balls, will cause your kegel muscles to tighten. Depending on your sensitivity, you will begin to feel aroused.

Some balls come stringed and others are not. I prefer the non-stringed version for cleanliness reasons. Some women prefer the stringed version of the balls to ensure they can reach them to pull them out… but don’t worry… all you have to do is push down and the balls will come out easily…

Benefit of the balls

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