Pros and Cons of The Long Distance Relationships


Long distance relationships (LDRs) work for some
people, over long periods of time and great distances - but for others,
an LDR may as well be DOA (dead on arrival). Certain situations and
personalities may lend themselves to a successful LDR, while in some
cases, no matter how strong the feelings between the two people may be,
the distance proves too difficult to make the relationship last. If
you're considering entering into a long distance relationship, or if
you're wondering why yours didn't work out, we've compiled a list of
pros and cons for any LDR to help you assess whether to go the distance,
or to figure out why absence didn't necessarily make the heart grow
fonder. Take a look: 



Hold on to Your Freedom:
If you hate "clingy," LDRs might be right up your alley. The obligation
you often feel to be around someone when you're dating them can be
exhausting if it's not in your nature. At times, you may just not feel
like going out, and other times you may just want to be alone. These are
often fleeting moments, but can have disastrous consequences on your
love life, especially if the other party picks up your vibes of
neglection. An LDR gives you the chance to enjoy that independence with
little to no obligation to physically be near your significant other.
This is great for individuals who want to keep their individualism but
still want the occasional phone call to know that they're being thought

It's Always a
: Ever wonder why holidays feel so great? It's
because it happens so infrequently that you want them all the more. The
same can be applied when you finally do meet up with your LDR partner.
There's going to be so much to say/do and so little time, you'll feel
great finally getting your time with them. All the impatience and
anxiety you built up from not seeing them can really keep the fire lit
in the relationship. Every visit may feel like a honeymoon, which can be
great for people who want the good feelings without having to worry
about reality setting in.

You're "Taken": It's
nice to be flirted with, but sometimes you don't get the attention you
want when hitting the town. Let's face it - it's always a confidence
boost when you can lean on the special someone you're attached to, even
if they're in San Francisco and you're in New York. Not to mention,
you've got the ultimate excuse if you're not interested in
either the person or the outing... it's pretty easy to say you've got a
phone date and have to miss the birthday group dinner you've been


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